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4 Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips - Washing In Winter

  • 4 min read

Washing your clothes may not be the first thing you'd think of that could impact the Earth but there are easy ways that you can make your clothes washing routine more eco-friendly. Here is our top eco-friendly washing advice with some winter-specific tips thrown in (because we all know drying your wet clothes can be a bit tricky in cold, wet weather!)


1. Washing Your Clothes

Almost all conventional washing liquids and powders come in hard plastic bottles or boxes which are thrown away as soon as their contents are used. This uses huge amounts of single-use plastic that is very hard to recycle, and we would love to encourage you to try some more eco-friendly ways of washing your clothes. As a bonus, these methods are better for your health and our waterways!

Most bulk stores offer washing liquid and powder refills so you can keep reusing the old bottles that you already have. This is a great and easy way of getting the products you know and love without the plastic. 

Other readily-available and plastic-free laundry soaps include our zero waste Laundry Soap and natural Laundry Powder.

Soap berries are the ultimate answer to your clothes washing needs if you are willing to try something a little different. 100% natural and compostable, we sell this awesome product in bags and in bulk so you can fill your own containers with them to take home. Read this article on how to use them in your washing machine, and pair them with our natural Laundry Tonic for a fresh, satisfying load of clean washing.

Oxygen bleach and Stain Removers are other awesome plastic-free and environmentally friendly products that can help with stain removal.

Organic soap berries in a calico bag Laundry and dish soap in a cardboard box The Family Hub brand laundry powder and stain remover bar in front of clean towels 


2. Catch Microfibres In The Wash

Microplastics are broken down pieces of plastic that can never fully biodegrade and they pollute all areas of the natural environment and ecosystems. Many people don't realise that our clothing releases micro plastics in the form of microfibres! With every wash, synthetic textiles release plastic fibres that find their way into soils, rivers, oceans, animals and even humans.

There are now devices available to make sure you're not polluting your wastewater with microfibres. The White Magic Microfibre Laundry Bag is an awesome product that not only extends the life of your garments (as fewer fibres break down when washed inside the bag), but also catches any microfibres that would have gone on to pollute the ocean and marine life! Simply place any items made from synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, nylon and fleece into the wash bag and then wash in the washing machine as usual. The microfibres will slowly accumulate into lint balls inside the wash bag and you can pull them out to dispose of into your landfill bin.

Here is a great article on clothing microfibres if you would like to read more on this topic.

Guppyfriend laundry microfibre bag


3. Drying Your Clothes

Ditch the dodgy plastic pegs and opt for reliable, long-lasting and better-for-the-Earth stainless steel Wire Pegs. These beautiful and practical wire pegs come in a variety of sizes and stainless steel grades - grade 201 is great for everyday use, or upgrade to grade 304 or 316 for extra corrosion resistance if you live near the ocean. Store your pegs in an eco-friendly waxed cotton Clothesline Peg Bag to prolong their life and know that they are fully recyclable at the end of their lives.

Another good clothes peg option is Bamboo Clothes Pegs. Made from sustainable bamboo, these pegs are biodegradable at the end of their lives.

Wire pegs in a pouch and clipped to our beautiful waxed cotton clothesline peg bag

When the weather's cold or wet, hanging your washing on the clothesline isn't always an option. During Winter, we love using our Wire Peg Hanger to easily hang clean washing indoors. We've had many of our customers say they're great for sock storage too - hang wet socks up to dry and then simply move the whole hanger to the wardrobe for storage when they're dry.

Wire peg hanger in the laundry drying socks

For those who use an electric dryer, wool dryer balls are a magical way to reduce drying time (and reduce your electricity use and bills), eliminate static and reduce wrinkles in your clothes. Our 100% Australian Wool Dryer Balls are totally zero waste and last a lifetime (over 10,000 drier loads). They come with 3 grey and 3 white wool balls for your dark loads and white loads. 

100% Australian wool drier balls (grey and white) with their pouch


4. Other Eco-Friendly Laundry & Cleaning Items

There are lots of other laundry staples and household tools where you could choose options that are better for the Earth. 

Choose wood-handled Stain BrushesClothes Brushes and Pocket Clothes Brushes, locally handmade Wash Bags made from up-cycled materials, and plastic-free Household Gloves.

Make your own multi-purpose cleaning liquid concentrate from soap berries using this recipe to switch to a natural and chemical-free product. This recipe can be used for absolutely everything, from cleaning the bathroom to washing the dog. There are many other DIY cleaning product recipes all over the internet so don't be shy to look up how to make anything you need and pick up the ingredients from your local bulk store.

Natural and septic system safeToilet Bombs are an awesome, easy, and eco-friendly way to clean the toilet, and pair well with our natural, antibacterial Toilet Brushes. Our plastic-freeDrainpipe Cleaners are another eco-friendly laundry necessity. 

Other plastic-free cleaning swaps include; plastic-free brooms, dustpan and brush, scrubbing brushes, bath tub brush, microfibre cloths, and more.

Eco friendly cleaning household gloves EcoMax coconut fibre brooms Urban Revolution dustpan broom


We hope this article gives you some ideas for switching to more Earth-friendly laundry products! Browse our online or Perth store any time for products that are better for the Earth.



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