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Corona Oscillating Hoe - Spare Blade

Want to grow your garden but those pesky weeds just keep on popping out of nowhere? Now we have the ultimate tool to help your gardening woes and take out those unruly weeds in no time.

Now, you may use this spare blade for the Corona Oscillating Hoe for extra reinforcement in heavier gardening needs. The spare blade serves as a replacement part for your oscillating hoe.

What is an Oscillating Hoe?

The Corona Oscillating Hoe is cunningly simple in that it helps loosen the top layer of the soil. Whether a flower bed or a full-n garden, the stirrup hoe will make the task super simple and easy. 

Oscillation stirrup hoes are one of the best tools available for mechanical weed control. These hoes can be used for long periods without fatigue as their razor-sharp blades cut through weeds with minimal effort.  

The oscillating action ensures the blade is at the optimum angle to the soil in both the forward and backward motion. A highly efficient tool to make gardening all the more enjoyable!


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