Certified Organic seed GARLIC now in stock!

Certified Organic seed GARLIC now in stock!

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Biodegradable Propagation Pots by Romberg

Propagation Pots

Minimise root disturbance and transplant shock in young seedlings by planting seeds in these biodegradable propagation pots. 

Seeds can be sown in these pots and nurtured until they are robust enough to survive in the garden. Then, plant the seedling and pot directly into the ground. Made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, these pots will break down when buried in soil but are sturdy enough to hold their shape well until it's time for your seedlings to go into your garden beds.

Perfect for all plants, including delicate seedlings and plants like peas and beans which generally don't transplant well.

For simple, successful and sustainable plant propagation.

Propagation Pot Biodegradable Materials:

  • Sustainably sourced wood pulp
  • Peat-free
  • Free from chemical additives

Propagation Pot Dimensions:

  • Height 6cm
  • Diameter at top 6cm


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