Square Coir Fibre Planter Bag With Coir Block

How to Use and Description

These square coir fibre planter bags come with a coir block that are rehydrated and then mixed with some composted potting soil to fill the pot.

100% compostable and the whole pot can be planted with the plant into the ground.  This eliminates transplant shock and no waste!

Coir fibre planters are made from a by-product of the coconut industry and are a sustainable alternative to plastic nursery pots.  These pots are beautiful with additional benefits.

Coir fibre planters encourage the development of lateral root growth and naturally air prune root systems as they grow into the coir fibre. As the planter ages, it takes on a natural "hairy" appearance. Perfect growing container for your edible garden.


The planter bag is 24cm (H) x 20cm (W)