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How to Grow Perennial Vegetables

  • 2 min read

Perennials can become a semi-permanent fixture in your Perth veggie garden, providing produce from the same plant year after year.  They make a great complement to annual varieties, often being easy to grow and requiring minimal maintenance once established.

Rhubarb plants in soil

Rhubarb is a useful perennial plant

Perennial plants are often more resilient than fast-growing annual crops, with larger root systems that make them better able to withstand drought or pest attacks. Perennial vegetables tend to produce better harvests as time goes on, in some cases maintaining their productivity for many years.

Asparagus plant in soil

Asparagus is a highly desirable perennial plant

Perennials do require a bit of extra space, and the plants may not be the most attractive year round, dying back in winter for example.

Watercress plant

Watercress is a perennial plant that requires moist conditions

There are also several veggies, fruits and herbs which are treated as annuals in cooler areas but can grow naturally as perennials in warmer climates, removing the need for resowing each spring. Examples of warm climate perennials include malabar spinach, warrigal greens, cape gooseberry and tamarillo.

cape gooseberry plant

Cape gooseberry

Some of our favourite perennial edible plants to grow in Perth are:

  • artichoke
  • asparagus
  • rhubarb
  • lablab beans
  • walking onions
  • watercress
  • sorrel
  • chicory
  • perennial leeks
  • garlic chives
  • perennial spinach
  • pigeon pea
  • wild rocket 
  • luffa

Indeterminate tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants and chilli will also last a few years if they are protected from frost. This can be achieved by growing in containers which can be moved into a warmer, more sheltered position in cold weather.

Chilli plant with red and green chillies

Chilli grows as a perennial in warm conditions

Consider the microclimates in different areas of your garden - a sheltered, sunny spot with radiant heat from bricks, pavers or colourbond fencing could be an ideal spot to overwinter these perennial plants.

eggplant hanging from plant

Eggplants will over winter in mild conditions

If they are planted directly into a garden bed in your Perth garden, they can be protected with shade cloth or reused bubble wrap draped around the plant on cool nights.

We stock probably the largest selection of open pollinated heirloom seeds in Perth and our heirloom seed library includes many delicious perennial plants.

Please contact us with your heirloom seed wish list or visit our Perth Eco and Garden Store to browse our current collection.

We would love to know which perennial plants grow well in your edible garden. Please post your comments below and check out our social media channels for more inspiration too.

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