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Eco Travel Cutlery Wrap with Metal Cutlery - IOco

Style: Red Tailed Black Cockatoo with Rainbow Cutlery

Metal Cutlery Set with Fabric Wrap:

Say no to single-use plastic cutlery and straws and use your own cutlery whether you’re in a food court, at the office, a picnic or grabbing takeaway. These stylish eco-friendly alternatives to throwaway cutlery features artworks by Australian artist Dani Till. The dishwasher safe metal cutlery comes in a range of metallic colours, highlighting these sets apart from other metal cutlery in the house so you won’t get them mixed up.

Keep it in your bag at all times, and you will never be caught out. 

Metal Travel Cutlery Set includes (with sizing):

  • Cotton Wrap Case - 20.5 cm
  • Knife - 18 cm
  • Fork  - 17.5 cm
  • Spoon - 17.5 cm
  • Chopsticks - 18.5 cm
  • Straw - 18 cm
  • Straw Cleaner - 19 cm

Care Instructions:

Metal cutlery is dishwasher safe. Cotton wrap can be hand washed.

About the Artist and the Birds that Inspire Her: 

Dani Till is an Australian award winning Gippsland artist who is passionate about our Australian flora and fauna, in particular our diverse birdlife, and loves to bring them to life with watercolours.

The Red-tailed Black Cockatoo is most commonly found in the Northern Parts of Australia, often seen in large flocks. The Red-tailed Back Cockatoo is also known as Banksian or Banks' black cockatoo and is native to Australia. 

The Gang-gang Cockatoo is a small and compact cockatoo found only in Southeastern Australia. Primarily scaly gray-green, the adult male has a bright red 'helmet' and fluffy crest.  Gang-gang's are found in cooler and wetter forests and woodlands of Australia, particularly alpine bushland. 

The Kookaburra is a Australian Native icon and while originally endemic to Eastern Australia, they have been introduced to Tasmania, the south-west of Western Australia and New Zealand. The loud, distinctive call is an essential feature of the dawn chorus. 

While sadly the Hummingbirds are not Australian natives, nor a group of birds that ever reached Australia they were just too cute to not include in the range! Their habitat is restricted to what is known as the 'New World' which encompasses the Americas and surrounding islands and countries. 

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