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Compost Thermometer

A Compost Thermometer is an essential tool needed for creating delicious piles of hot compost in the home backyard. Made from stainless steel with a 50cm stem and 0-100 degree celsius temperature gauge.  

Why Use a Compost Thermometer when Hot Composting?

Monitoring the temperature of a hot compost pile provides a wealth of information to achieve a successful compost using the hot composting method.  

Knowing the temperature at the centre of a compost pile helps to determine:

  • When to turn the pile
  • If more Carbon or Nitrogen Inputs are required
  • Moisture addition
  • Compost Completion

Compost Thermometer Specification

This high quality compost thermometer from Reotemp has the following attributes:

  • 50cm stem with a 0-100 degC temperature dial
  • Heavy Duty Stem - thick ¼" diameter stem for higher durability
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Hermetically Sealed Dial - won't fog up
  • Can be left in the compost pile overnight
  • Read at a glance dial with 3 temperature zones that indicate compost activity - Steady, Active, and Hot
  • Rugged all welded stainless steel construction
  • Designed for outdoor use

Compost Thermometer Packaging

The carton it comes in has some fabulous composting information and a guide to the three temperature zones on the dial. The cardboard itself, when no longer of use, can be shredded and added to your compost heap. This helps add some carbon to the pile and also eliminates any landfill. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I purchased a Compost Thermometer, temperature prob from Urban Revolutions in Victoria Park, the temperature prob helps me monitor the temperature in my compost bin which is a great help with time and the quality of the my end product from my compost bin.
Very easy to read with great results.
The steady, active and hot gauge is great as this slows me to change my compost mixture to increase or decrease the heat range, great product.


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