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5 pack Charcoal Filter Replacements for Benchtop Food Waste Bin, from Eco Basics

Charcoal Filter Replacements for Eco Basics Benchtop Food Waste Bin

The charcoal filters are designed to absorb bacteria, odour and moisture that emanates from organic matter. The charcoal filter will last on average 3months before it starts to lose it's absorption ability.

Most kitchen compost bins have a hollow in the underneath of the lid where the charcoal filter can be inserted.

After 3 months, simply remove the old filter and replace with a new one. 


50% Filtration fibre, 50% Carbon Powder


12.5 cm x 12.5 cm

5mm thick

About The Eco Basics Benchtop Food Waste BinSystem

Keep food waste out of landfill and make nutrient rich compost for your garden with the help of a Benchtop Food Waste Bin from Eco Basics. Use it to store food scraps until you can take them outdoors to your compost bay, worm farm or Bokashi bin. The well sealed lid keeps out pests and pets, while the charcoal filter controls odours and prevents gas buildup. Even better, this bin is made of plant based materials. 

With its sleek, modern design, and 4 L capacity, this bin deserves to be on display on your kitchen benchtop. 

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