Certified Organic Seed Garlic - Purple Stripe - South West Grown

Local garlic can be hard to find as most garlic is imported from China. If you’ve never tried local organic garlic before, we highly recommend trying it! You’ll be amazed by the incredible flavours. 🤤 

These bulbs are NASAA Certified Organic so you know you’re supporting sustainable organic agricultural practices.

How to Grow Great Garlic

Plant between the end of March to the end of May for the Purple Stripe variety of garlic in the south west of WA. 

Choose the largest cloves for planting - big cloves means big heads.

Prepare the ground with lime, compost and pelletised chicken manure, making sure that it is well worked-through the ground and weeds removed.

Plant the coves 8 - 10 cm apart and 4 cm deep with the pointy bit upwards.

Water the plantings in well and keep the plants regularly watered, not letting them dry out through the growing season.

Keep the plants free of weeds, especially during the early part of the growing season.

Harvest when the plants are dry and half the leaves have browned off and died. This will happen from the base of the plants. It is not essential to remove the flower stalks.

Knock most of the soil off the mature garlic and either hang or place on racks to dry for three weeks minimum before cutting off the stalks and roots and storing in a cool, dry place with ample air flow to prevent post-harvest rot.

You can begin to eat your garlic as soon as the bulbs begin to swell, stems and all, like for leeks, or when you first harvest and the skins are still soft. You do not have to wait for them to dry.

Correctly dried, your garlic will last until the end of May when they begin to spout their green shoots.