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Yallingup Zinc - Skin Tone 75g

Color: Dark

A zinc-based paste which physically blocks UV rays - like wearing a T-shirt. Made from natural ingredients in plastic-free packaging, this long-lasting zinc paste has a lovely smooth texture and is available in 4 tints.


  • 25% zinc oxide
  • French and Australian clays
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Shea butter
  • Cocoa butter
  • Beeswax
  • Yellow and red oxides
    • Fair

      Suits people who don't tan with more pink tones to their faces - people of British and Scottish descent. 


      For untanned skin that has a yellow tone - you would tan if exposed to the sun. 


      For darker skin with reddish tones.




      About Yallingup Zinc:

      Corrynne & Bec live in Dunsborough Western Australia, half way between Geographe Bay and the famous surf beach, Yallingup.
      We live in a pristine environment, grow our own fruit and veggies, have solar power and rainwater. Health is very important to us so when we created Yallingup Zinc, quality and natural ingredients where top of the list. Created in 2016, our zinc has been travelling all over the place being tested out by friends and family before we started selling to the general public in 2018.
      Corrynne has spent 25 years manufacturing natural products and is now focusing solely on Yallingup Zinc.


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