Wire Pegs - Grade 304 2.0mm Stainless Steel

These long-lasting clothes pegs are made from one single piece of high-quality stainless steel wire.

They are 6cm long and made from grade 304 stainless steel wire that is 2.0mm in diameter. They don't rust, break or fall apart.

Because the nickel content in these pegs is twice as high as in the 'normal' stainless steel wire pegs they have a much higher corrosion resistance. Their lower carbon and manganese content make them more durable and less prone to rust.

They are stronger than the 'normal' grade 304 stainless steel wire pegs and will hold things securely in strong winds.

Be assured, which ever grade you decide to use, that these pegs will still be around when all the wooden and plastic ones are gone. Pegs come in a handy hemp bag.