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The Small Swag is perfect for smaller vegetables such as grapes, several bunches of herbs, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. You can have a combination of fruits, veggies and leafy greens in one Swag! The Swag keeps your fruit, veggies and leafy greens fresher for much longer – naturally! The...
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The Small Swag is perfect for smaller vegetables such as grapes, several bunches of herbs, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. You can have a combination of fruits, veggies and leafy greens in one Swag! The Swag keeps your fruit, veggies and leafy greens fresher for much longer – naturally! The Swag not only saves you money - it saves time! Less rummaging through your fridge and shop trips!

Size: W 37cm x H 38cm (flap opened)

         W 37cm x H 24cm (flap closed)

How to Use Instructions - by The Swag

The Swag is incredibly easy to use.

Firstly, you must wash your Swags before you start using them (turn them inside out and cold machine wash). Once washed, they will become much more absorbent. 

You should treat your Swags like you do your tea towels, whist some tea towels are in the wash you have clean dry ones ready to use.  There's nothing worse than no clean tea towels, except arriving home with fresh produce and having no clean, dry Swags.  You need to wash your Swags roughly every two weeks or so. The Swag doesn't need to be in the crisper of your fridge, they can be put in the general fridge space. If you're not putting your Swags in the crisper then they will dry out quicker so you can afford to dampen them a little more. There are some exceptions such as potatoes and mushrooms (see below). The Swag not only saves money, it saves time! Less rummaging through the fridge and less trips to the shops!

Personally, when I arrive home from the shops, I bathe my beautiful bounty of fresh produce in the sink with cold water and a generous splash of apple cider vinegar. They will stay soaking happily for some time. This way, if you have more pressing things to do, there's no issues with giving them a long cold bath!

I also tend to put most of my freshly purchased produce into two large Swags and I move any older produce into a small Swag, therefore I know which Swag I need to use the produce out of first (the colour coding trims also really helps here). You'll learn as you go and the results speak volumes. Once you've eaten all of your gorgeous veggies, simply wash your Swags and repeat! 

Some people prefer a separate Swag for fruit, a Swag for veggies and a different Swag for leafy greens. Others throw everything all into one Swag. Personally, I like to divide my produce up as follows: 

  • leafy greens and salad stuff (lettuce, herbs, capsicum, tomatoes, avocado and cucumber etc) in one colour coded Swag;
  • another colour coded Swag for all Veggies
  • another for fruits; and
  • then a small Swag with a combination of all the older produce that I want to use first.

The colour coding trim makes it easy to identify what’s in each Swag.

What I LOVE about this system, is that when I’m cooking a stir fry, I pull out The Swag with the colour trim that has the older produce and the other with the veggies in it and everything I need to prepare my meal is all in one Swag.  There are less trips to the fridge, no need to rummage around to find things. If I’m making a salad I pull out the Swag containing the salad produce, if I'm making lunches I pull out two Swags, one with the salad the other with the fruit. I pop the relevant Swag on the bench, use what I need and put the half-cut produce straight back into The Swag, no wrapping needed. They'll stay fresher for much longer when 'nude'. Unless it's a very ripe or messy tomato or avocado, you may want to wrap these.

The Swag doesn't need to be in the crisper of your fridge, they can be put in the general fridge space. If you're not putting your Swags in the crisper, then they will dry out quicker so you can afford to dampen them a little more. 

Whenever you start to feel the outer layer dry out then it’s time to reapply water. You don’t have to take all the contents out, just sprinkle water over the outside of The Swag. You don’t even have to take The Swag out of your crisper just sprinkle water over the top of The Swag whilst its sitting in the crisper. As you’re not wetting the whole Swag, you can afford to sprinkle quite a bit more water on The Swag so that the top flap and surrounding edges can be a little more moist than usual. 

Most stone fruits, such as avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, melons, apples, and pears will continue to ripen if left on a counter in a fruit bowl. Once they're very ripe, try to avoid putting them in The Swag, just eat them! When fruits approach maturity, they release ethylene, which promotes ripening. However, Ethylene can also cause premature ripening in other fruits and veggies.

It's best to put these fruits into The Swag well before they’re ripe. If you put these fruits into The Swag before they ripen (while still firm and giving off no sweet or pungent smell) The Swag will significantly prolong ripening. When needed, fill your fruit bowl with the unripe fruit and within a day or so, your fruit will be ripe and ready to eat. If you can see that the fruit has ripened within the Swag, then eat it or you can put it in a Swag on a shelf in your fridge (away from other fruits & veggies in the crisper). Ripe Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, pears and many other fruits will freeze well, and you can use them later in delicious smoothies.

So, to summarize; for very best results, put your UNRIPE fruit in The Swag and as needed, move the fruit from The Swag to your fruit bowl for a day or two and those fruits will then be perfect to eat. The Swag will slow down the ripening process and give you several extra days to even eat ripe fruit.

For best results;

  • For corn, take it out of the husk completely before storing in The Swag, corn will stay fresher longer this way
  • Chopping dry ends off fresh fruit and veggies will allow then to breathe and hydrate more efficiently
  • Leave bananas in the fruit bowl. If you want to ripen bananas or avocados put them in a dry Swag and place in a warm position in your kitchen. Peel bananas before freezing
  • Cut watermelon, pineapple and rock melon is best cut up and put into a container however if it's a whole watermelon, pineapple, rock melon that is not ripe then they'll most likely love being in The Swag
  • Mushrooms go in a dry Swag in the fridge
  • Potatoes and onions also go in a dry Swag and put in your pantry
  • Berries and cherry tomatoes that are purchased in punnets, can simply be nestled in around the dampened Swags in your crisper. The punnets will protect the contents from getting squashed

For more detailed information about corn, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, etc. goto You'll also find more details on how to care for your Swags. Happy Swagging!


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