The Bug Blaster

The Bug Blaster ™ is 100% environmentally safe and a user-friendly, pesticide free way to effectively control aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs, spider mites and more.

Simply hook The Bug Blaster up to your garden hose, turn on the water and you are ready to go. Water is sprayed with full pressure from your garden hose. The Patent Pending method and nozzle creates a 360 degree wall of water which blasts the pests from under sides and tops of leaves also cleaning sooty mould and dirt which interferes with photosynthesis. Made in the U.S.A from anodised aluminium.

For best results keep the spray vertical and with a sweeping motion, work the nozzle in and out of the shrub, concentrating the spray on the infected area of the plants. Control the water flow with the valve at the base of the handle. Restrict the flow for delicate plants and just blast away on hardy plants and heavy infestations. The Bug Blaster also works great for cleaning plants of dust, dirt, spider webs and old or unhealthy leaves.

1) Spray infested plants every 3 to 5 days for 2 to 3 weeks.

2) Spray up wind or wear a raincoat for over-spray.

3) Spray plants that are susceptible to powdery mildew, black spot, or rust in the morning to give the plants a chance to dry out during the day.

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