Subpod Grow Bundle

SubpodGrow Bundle: Includes: Subpod 2 Worm Blankets Subpod Compost Aerator Subpod Grow Garden Bed The Subpod Grow Bundle includes a sturdy metal open-based garden bed, making it ideal for new gardeners and for those who don't want to disturb their existing garden beds. The Subpod Grow Garden Bed is robust,...

SubpodGrow Bundle:


  • Subpod
  • 2 Worm Blankets
  • Subpod Compost Aerator
  • Subpod Grow Garden Bed

The Subpod Grow Bundle includes a sturdy metal open-based garden bed, making it ideal for new gardeners and for those who don't want to disturb their existing garden beds. The Subpod Grow Garden Bed is robust, anti-corrosive and deeper than many alternatives, for strong root systems.


Turn food waste into rich soil and plant food with Subpod - an ingenious and innovative in-ground worm farm and composting system. Subpod can be installed directly into any garden bed and supplies nutrients at root level to surrounding plants. Subpod can compost up to 15kg of food waste each week, making it the ideal composting solution for households of 2 to 6 people. And unlike other worm farms, Subpod doubles as a functional garden seat, capable of supporting up to 200kg. Link multiple Subpods together and create composting systems to suit large gardens or even whole neighbourhoods! Enjoy carefree composting with this pest-free, mess-free and stress-free system.

Subpod delivers rich, nutrient dense compost faster than ever before, with only 5 minutes of maintenance a week. Unique design and construction makes Subpod pest-proof, odourless and naturally insulated for happy, healthy worms. When partially submerged in a garden bed, perforations in the walls of the Subpod allow worms to move freely between the two chambers and the surrounding soil, aerating and conditioning the soil and delivering nutrients directly to the roots of nearby plants. Small perforations in the above-ground portion of the Subpod help maintain an oxygen-rich (and odourless!) composting environment.

  • odourless and pest-proof
  • feeds plants at root level
  • composts up to 15kg of food waste a week
  • suitable for families of 2 - 6 people
  • dual compost chambers for easy removal of compost
  • unique ventilation system
  • installs directly into any garden area
  • doubles as a garden seat

Getting Started:

  • assemble and earth your Subpod, including the divider
  • add 8 good handfuls of bedding material - use coir, shredded newspaper or shredded cardboard (use the box your Subpod came in!)
  • add at least 1000 composting worms - 2000 would be even better
  • moisten the worm blankets and squeeze out any excess water
  • place the blankets over the worms
  •  leave for 1 week with the lid closed, then start adding food scraps 

Adding Food Waste:

  • simply raise the Subpod lid and blanket and add food scraps 
  • use the Subpod Aerator to gently stir the food scraps through the developing compost, to distribute food waste and moisture evenly and reduce the chances of invasion by ants
  • replace the blanket to cover your worms

What Can I Add to a Subpod?

  • Food Waste:  fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells (crush them first), coffee grounds, used tea leaves, spoiled plant-based milks, grains, pastas, breads, snack foods, nuts (and their shells), seeds, pits, husks and so on
  • Paper and Card: scrap paper and cardboard, as long as it's not glossy - junk mail, office paper, bills, envelopes (no plastic windows), post-it notes, paper plates, tissues, egg cartons, paper cupcake liners, baking paper and paper packaging
  • Natural Fibres: old clothing, face washers, napkins, tablecloths and very old towels can be added as long as they are made from natural fibres like cotton, tencel, linen, hemp or wool - no polyester, nylon, acrylic or blends
  • Wood and Bamboo: sawdust (no paint), toothpicks, disposable wood, bamboo and bioplastic cutlery and crockery, dead matches, bamboo skewers and garden prunings
  • Human and Animal Waste: hair and nail trimmings, used facial tissue, used cotton bandages, pet hair, soiled newspaper and hay cage liners and faeces from vegetarian pets and livestock
  • Dog and cat faeces are NOT suitable for Subpod if you’re eating the plants growing around it - install a separate Subpod for this purpose.

Using the Compost in Other Parts of the Garden:

  • always use the divider panel if harvesting compost to use elsewhere in the garden
  • wait for around 3 months before first removing compost, to allow your worms to multiply several times
  • stop adding food scraps to 1 compartment and over the next week or 2 your worms will migrate to the feeding side - this keeps them safe while you remove compost from the non-feeding compartment


  • Subpod: length 75cm, width 45cm, total height 43cm
  • install below soil level at a depth of 32cm
  • above-ground height once installed 11cm
  • Subpod Grow Garden Bed: length 120cm, width 90cm, height 45cm


  • Subpod: food grade polypropylene (recycled plastics are currently being tested for use in Subpod construction
  • Subpod Compost Aerator: food grade stainless steel, polypropylene handle
  • Subpod Grow Garden Bed: steel with zinc and aluminium alloy coating

Also Available:



  • Subpod system
  • 2 worm blankets

Subpod Essentials Bundle

  • Subpod system
  • 2 worm blankets
  • Subpod Compost Aerator 

Subpod AU

Subpod began with a simple idea: make composting a part of everyday life. "If we can do that, we can teach people to love the soil their food comes from, and make the world a little bit better together."

Old school composting systems can be difficult to use, ineffective and messy. So Subpod founder and inventor Andrew Hayim de Vries began to design a solution that could avoid all of those flaws. He wanted to create a simple, everyday compost system that would be effective and easy for anyone to use, no matter who they were or where they lived. Andrew believes that the key to truly pioneering compost lies in the soil, that "if we feed the soil, we feed the world." Years of dedication, powered by that belief, created Subpod.

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