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Drainpipe Cleaner

A wooden handled Drainpipe Cleaner providing a plastic free alternative for unclogging drain pipes in your sink, bath and toilet.


When you pour hazardous chemicals down the drain there is a chance they may degrade your pipes or potentially end up in your local rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. Drainpipe Cleaners are a chemical-free alternative to those harsh, toxic and harmful drain cleaning fluids. With a 13.5cm diameter rubber head, it creates a powerful vacuum to quickly and effectively loosen blockages in sinks and toilets.

How to use

The Drainpipe Cleaner is most effective when there is water in the drain. The cup is pushed down against the drain opening, either pressing hard into the drain to force air in, or pushing down until the rubber cup is flattened and then pulling out, creating a vacuum that attracts material. The intent is to loosen or break up a blockage caused by excessive material in the drain.



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