Open Pollinated and Heirloom Seeds - The Greenhouse Organics

Urban Revolution Australia has one of the largest ranges of organic seeds in Perth.  The Greenhouse offers a range of Organic Heirloom Seeds for vegetables and herbs.  Leesas' family run organic nursery is based in Craigie, Western Australia.

Come in and browse the extensive selection or checkout the list below and enter the seeds required in the order notes in your cart.  For  stock queries and phone orders please call us on (08) 6102 1068.

Amaranth - Garnet Red - Similar to beets and spinach in nutrition.  Three times more calcium and niacin than spinach.

Amaranth - Grain - Contains more than three times the average amount of calcium and is also high in iron, Vit C, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.  Sow all Year.

Amaranth - Green Calaloo - Vigorous plant that produces slightly savoyed, large mid green leaves.  Mild spinach flavour. Sow Spring/Summer.

Angelica - Majestic plant gorwn at the back of a border or in a wild part of the garden.  Culinary and medicinal uses.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Anise - Herbaceous Annual.  Feathery light green leaves that have a sweet aniseed flavour and used in salads, soups and stews.  Sow Spring/Summer

Artichoke - Green Globe - An ornamental edible plant.  Flower buds are deep green with a light purple tinge.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Artichoke - Purple - "Violet de Provence" - Produces tasty, medium sized purple heads.  Perennial.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Asparagus - Connovers Colossal - Bright green spears with deep purple tips.  Large thick spears that produce a huge yield.  Sow Spring.

Asparagus - Mary Wasington - Most popular heirloom variety.  The delicious spears are tender, thick, heavy and straight.  Sow Spring.

Basil - Holy - Potent herb used to treat colds, coughs and flu.  Keep as a perennial by cutting it back before it starts to flower.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Basil - Lemon - Has a strong lemon scent.  Add to rice dishes.  Hardy herb.  Plant in containers and it will help to repel mosquitoes and flies.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Basil - Lime - The leaves and stem taste like lime.  The aroma and flavour is quite strong.  Ideal in a herb garden, border or even a patio pot.  Sow Spring/Summer

Basil - Mini Greek - Compact umbrella shaped.  Pretty bright green clustered leaves are very tidy and extremely fragrant.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Basil - Sweet - A tender aromatic plant with a spicy odour and flavour.  Used to flavour soups, stews, tomato dishes, meat, fish and egg dishes.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Basil - Thai - Licorice flavour growing to 45cm.  Used in Thai and Vietnamese cooking.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Borlotti - Dwarf bush bean "Red Rooster".  Plants produce large pods that are green with red speckles. Pods are excellent eaten with young.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Blue Lake Climbing - Heavy producing, green climbing round pod beans.  They remail sugar sweet and tender when cooked.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Beans - Broad Coles Dwarf - Heavy crop full of flavour with medium sized pods.  Young pods can be eaten whole.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Beans - Broad Long Pod - Broad beans are a good source of protein.  Delicious and abundant food crop.  Extremely useful as a soil improver.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Beans - Cannellini - Heavy yields of attractive, white kidney beans.  Excellent eating quality both as a shell or dry bean.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Cherokee Wax - Yellow Dwarf stringless bean with crisp and tender pods.  Tender and crisp when harvested young.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Gourmet Delight - Springless bean that produces tender sweet green pods.  Bush variety.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Jade - Deep green pods that are tender and delicious.  Large upright plants keep beans clean and straight.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Northeaster - Early maturing whith deliciously rich sweet flavour pods.  Flat green and stringless and stay tender for long periods.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Provider - Can be sown earlier than other beans.  Compact plant that produces fleshy round pod green beans - Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Purple King - Produces flat bright purple pods.  Called Magic bean as purple pods thurn green when cooked.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Red Dragon Snake - Highly productive long dark green slender pods with a small red/borwn tip.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Red Kidney - An early, light red kidney bean with good flavour.  Excellent for chilli, bean salads and soups.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Scarlet Runner - Climbing bean grown in full sun.  Attractive red flowers that are edible.  Seeds can be used fresh or as dried beans.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Simba - Round dark green heavy crop bush bean.  It has excellent taste.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Tongue of Fire - Long pods to 20cm.  Pods are green with red stripes when immature and when mature turn creamy white with red spripes.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Bean - Westralia - Early matruing climbing variety with 20cm dark green pods and white seeds.  Developed for Australian conditions.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Beet - Sugar - Root contains a high concentration of sucrose.  Considered one of the healthiest natural foods.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Beetroot - Bullsblood - Heirloom variety since 1840.  Sweet, deep red-burgundy foliage.  Beets are tastiest harvested when 5cm in size.  Sow All Year

Beetroot - Chioggia - A bulb with a bullseye of red and white rings on the inside, fading to soft pink when cooked.  Sow All Year.

Beetroot - Cylindria - Smooth skinned cylindrical dark purple red flesh bulb.  Root remains sweet and tender over long growing season.  Sow All Year.

Beetroot - Detroit - Popular variety for both the roots and baby leaves.  Eat fresh, pickled or cooked.  Great additive to juices.  Sow All Year.

Beetroot - Early Wonder - Tall, bright, glossy green, red-veined tops and slightly flattened red roots.  Sow All Year.

Beetroot - Egyptian - Sweet flavours.  Flatter rooted beet with smooth skin and deep red, tender and flavoursome flesh.  Sow All Year.

Beetroot - Golden - Yellow-orange globe root.  Sweet flavour.  Good chopped in casseroles.  Does not bleed.  Sow All Year.

Beetroot - Red Mammoth - Produces incredible masses of edible beet leaves and a large juicy sweet root.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Benefical Insect Mix - Colourful mix of flowers and herbs to attract insects to your garden.  Marigold, Bishops flower, dill, Calendula, Borage, Basil, Radish, Fennel.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Bok Choi - Pechay - Type of Chinese cabbage that does not form a head.  Contains vitamin A and C.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Bok Choi - Taisai - Type of Chinses cabbage that does not form a head.  Very pleasand and unique flavour.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Borage - Known as starflowers, borage is an annual herb.  Leaves are cucumber flavoured and flowers are edible.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Broccoletti - Grown for its multiple shoots and tiny green heads.  High in Vitamin C and protein.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Broccoli - Di Cicco - Early variety that produces tightly packed blue green flower heads on stron short stems.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Broccoli - Green Sprouting Calabrese - Heads have a bluish green centre with a number of good size side shoots.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Broccoli - Purple Sprouting - Heavy cropping producing good quality spears that can be harvested over many weeks.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Broccoli - Raab - An italian non heading broccoli grown for flavourful asparagus like spring shoots and leaves.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Broccoli - Romanesco - Popular italian heirloom variety with spiralling apple green heads that are superbly flavoured.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Brussel Sprouts - Long Island - Prolific semi dwarf variety with firm densely packed buds.  Takes 13-16 weeks to harvest.  Sow Autumn.

Cabbage - Golden Acre - Early summer variety ball head.  Small to medium sized green round solid heads.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Cabbage - Michihili - Chinese cabbage.  Dense, narrow leaves with a deeper green outer colour and lighter green interior leaves.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Cabbage - Red Choi - Red Bok Choy with deep violet oval shaped blades with translucent and succulent pale green stalks.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Cabbage - Red Express - Compact plants with solid round heads with good appearance and flavour.  Relatively split tolerant.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Cabbage - Savoy - Rich in phyto-nutrient antioxidants.  Leaves are deep green and deeply crinkled.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Cabbage - Sugarloaf - Excellent flavour with conical heads that mature over several weeks.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Cabbage - Wong Bok - Tender sweet tasting heart type Chinese cabbage.  Barrel shaped with crisp pale green tightly wrapped leaves.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Calendula - Also know as Pot Marigold.  Used traditionally as a culinary and medicinal herb.  Flowers are edible.  Sow All Year.

Capsicum - Californian Wonder - Mid-season sweet bell pepper with crisp, thick swalled fruit that repens from dark green to bright red.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Chinese Giant - Large, sweet and mild heirloom with dark green to bright red fruit with thick walls.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Chocolate - Sweet chocolate brown coloured heirloom.  Does not taste like chocolate but is rather sweet.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Corno Di Toro - Traditional flavour of Italy.  Sweet, crisp full bodied flavour.  Large yellow fruit.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Golden Wonder - Developed in the 1920's.  Can be picked when green or left to ripen and picked when golden.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Keystone Giant - Produces large block shaped sweet fruit to 12cm long.  Can be picked green or red.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Marconi Red - Italian heriloom sweet variety.  Ripens when red.  Early producing.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Mini Chocolate - Sweet chocolate borwn coloured.  Don't get excited - it doesnt taste like chocolate.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Paprika - Producers elongated fruits that ripen to red.  Standard Capsium - Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Perennial - Hardy, long lived varity.  Last for 4 - 5 years.  Produces masses of thin, red horn shaped fruits.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Purple Beauty - Purple colorued.  Excellent flavour and large, blocky fruitsl  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Sunbright Yellow - Produces 2.5cm canary yellow bell fruit.  So sweet, so tasty.  Starts green.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Capsicum - Sweet Banana - Sweet and tasty variety.  Very productive prodcuing yellow banana shaped fruit that turn orange then bright red.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Carrot - All Season - Large orange roots growing to 20cm.  Good disease resistance.  Sow All Year.

Carrot - Amsterdam - Produces uniform blunt tipped baby carrots with rich deep orange red colour.  Very sweet - Sow All Year.

Carrot - Chantenay - Short thick roots that taper to a blunt end.  Great flavour.  Orange-red in colour.  Sow All Year.

Carrot - Dragon - Purple skin with bright orange flesh.  Dragon carrots have more carotene and antioxidants than other carrots.  Sow All Year.

Carrot - Little Finger - A baby type carrot with deep orange colorued roots.  Developed in France for pickling and canning whole.  Sow All Year.

Carrot - Lunar White - Vigorous producer with creamy white roots that are very mild and delicious.  Sow All Year.

Carrot - Nantes - Fast maturing orange heirloom variety.  Nantes has sweet smooth skin that when young doesnt need peeling.  Sow All Year.

Carrot - Purple Haze - F1 ybrid - No seed saving - Purple skin colour with sweet flavour.  Sow All Year.

Carrot - Rainbow - A mixutre of multi-coloured carrots that will brighten up any salad, soup or stir fry.  Sow All Year.

Catnip - Nepeta cataria - Short lived herbaceous perennial to 100cm.  Mosquito repellent, rodent deterrent.  Aphrodisiac for cats.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cauliflower - All Year - Very white dward variety with large tight heads.  Popular for freezing or straight from the garden - Sow All Year.

Cauliflower - Macerata Green - Italian heirloom that has attractive apple green heads.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Cauliflower - Phenomenal Early - Popular early maturing with large firm heads protected by large leaves.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Cauliflower - Romanesco - Also known as Roman Cauli.  The bud is composed of a series of smaller buds that form a spiral.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Cauliflower - Snowball - A heritage variety that was first bred in Americal in 1890's.  Pure white snowball sized heads can be harvested when small.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Cauliflower - Violet Sicilian - Purple Cauli that has a milker and sweeter taste than other white varieties.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Celeriac - White Alabaster - Large roots with a delicious celery flavour.  Commonly used in soups and stews.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Celeriac - Giant of Prague - A heritage variety from around 1871.  Globe shaped with a slightly flattened base.  Slow to germinate.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Celery - Tall Utah - Crisp, stringless green celery with tightly folded heart.  A vigorours grower.  Sow All Year.

Chard - Rainbow - Bouquet of wrinkled, slightly savoyed rich green and bronze leaves and bright coloured stem.  Sow All Year.

Chard - Ruby Red - Sweet swiss chard with rich crimson red stems and bright green leaves.  Milk flower and high nutritional value.  Sow All Year.

Chervil - Delicate culinary herb used frequently in French cuisine.  Used in salads and soups.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Chickpea -

Chickweed - Annual wild edible plant that grows in many locations.  Decrease insect damage to other plants.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Chicory - Coffee - Cichorium intybus - Large taproot that can be roasted, ground and used as a caffeine-free coffee alternative.  Leaves also eaten in salads.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Chives - Garlic - Allium tuberosum - Also known as Chinese leeks, they have an oniony flavour with a distrnctly garlicky taste.  Sow All Year.

Chives - Onion - Allium schoenoprasum - The plants form neat grass like clumps of tubular leaves that pack a lot of flavour.  Great for containers.  Sow All Year.

Collards - Champion - Rich blue-green cabbage like leaves.  Waxy leaf surface provides natural protection from cabbage worms.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Collards - Georgie Southern - 1800 heirloom that has good resistance to heat and cold.  A real producer with huge yield.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Corinader - Slow Bolting - Coriandrum sativum - Very popular herb used in Asian cooking and salads. It has a pungent, spicy flavour.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Corn - Balinese - Produces two pale yellow cobs per plant.  Thick stak and heavy foliage.  Sow Spring/Summer

Corn - Golden Bantam - Dwarf yellow sweet corn that grows to 1.5m and produces 1 cob per plant.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Corn - Jolly Roger - Australian heirloom with large cobs that have a great flavour and high sugar content.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Corn Salad - Also known as Lamb's Lettuce or Mache.  Has a nutty flavour with soft texture.  Used as a salad green.  Grow in a low rosette shape.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Cress Upland - Annual.  Zesty, spicy flavoured leaves.  Young leaves used in salads or used as a garnish.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Cucumber - Beit Alpha - Delicious, very sweet, usually picked small.  Burpless variety that has a great shelf life.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Eva - Early matruing sweet medium long size fruits which are great for salads and preserving.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Green Gem - Old reliable heavy yielding compact cariety.  Produces dark green smooth skinned and very white fleshed.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Jefferson - Yellow skin.  Grown in rich well drained soil.  Best grown on a trellis with no overhead watering.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Lemon - Spherical round to oval shaped broad fruit and has a mild pleasant taste which is sweeter and less acidic.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Marketmore - Constant producer of delicious, mildly sweet cucumbers with dark green protective skin.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Muncher Burpless - Smooth glossy green fruit.  Skin is thin and tender with crisp flesh.  Heavy producer.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Nathional Pickling - Blund and blocky fruits.  Dark green with some striping.  Primarily for pickling.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Spacemaster - Very compact bush varitye.  Perfect for containers.  Use fruit for pickling with small and slicing when bigger.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cucumber - Straight Eight - Smoothe, straight deep green fruits with rounded blunt ends. Early, vigorous and prolific.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Cumin - Annual herbaceous herb.  The seed isused for its distinctive flavour and aroma.  Seeds can be used grounded or whole.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Dandelion - Taraxacum officinal - Perennial plant with jagged bright green leaves and yellow daisy like flower.  Rich in Vit A, B, complex C and D.  Sow All Year.

Dill - Anethum graveolens - Annual herb in the celery family.  Attracts beneficial insects to garden.  Sow All Year.

Edible Chrysanthmum - Annual leaf vegetable used when young in Asian cuisine.  Flowers are also edible.  Sow All Year.

Eggplant - Black Beauty - Tasty tender purplish black fruits.  Plants produce 4-6 large fruit or more if kept harvested and well watered.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Eggplant - Early Long Purple - Large purple fruit growing to 25cm.  Very tender, excellent flavour.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Eggplant - Golden Egg - Traditional eggplant variety.  Pick gold egg sized fruits when young for best flavour.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Eggplant - Greek Tsakoniki - Elongated fruits are slightly corved.  Fruits are purple with white sptiping.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Eggplant - Little Finger - Great for grilling.  Asian heirloom that yields dark purple fruit.  Very prolific.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Eggplant - Louisiana - Large 20cm light green banana shaped fruit with pale stripes.  Is tender and milk with excellent quality.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Eggplant - Market Supreme - Large teardrop shaped fruit with a smooth, glossy dark skin.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Eggplant - Rosa Bianca - Round fruit streaked with white and violet.  Plump and variably ribbed.  Mild, creamy taste.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Eggplant - Violte of Florence - Very large violet ribbed fruit with white shades around the calyx with white flesh.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Endive - Salad King - Dark green curled leaves with a pleasant bitter flavour.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Fennel Florence - Foeniculum vulgare - Hardy perennial.  Both seeds and leaves have a mild aniseed flavour.  Has white bulb.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Fennel Sweet - Foeniculum vulgare - Hardy perennial.  Highly aromatic with an anise flavour.  Leaves have a delicate flavour.  Sow All Year.

Gourd - Giant Bottle - Orniamental producing large pear shaped fruit in abundance on trailing vines.  Gourds can be dried and used as bottles.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Honey Dew - Sweet, juicy and packed with vitamin C.  HOney dew is round with greenish to yellow flesh.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Hyssop - Hyssopus officinalis - Easy to grow memeber of the mint family.  Attracts bees.  Sow All Year.

Kale - Chou Moellier - Tree kale.  Heriloom variety that grows to 2m.  Use in a similar way to collards or cabbage.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Kale - Dwarf Siberian - Tasty Russian variety that produces leaves that are slightly frilled.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Kale - Nero Di Toscana - Also known as Black Cabbage.  Dark green leaves that have a blistered crumply appearance.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Kale - Red Russian - Much larger than regular kale.  Delicious grey-green leaves with pruplish stems.  Leaves shaped like oak leaves.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Kale - Red Winter - Dark Green Oak-shaped leaves that have dark red-purple veins.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Kale - Scotch - Finelyu curled and bluish green colour leaves.  Hardy variety that maintains its colour well.  Grows to 1M.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Kohl Rabi - Purple Vienna - Purple skin that has a sweet crisp cabbage like flavour with a white flesh.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Kohl Rabi - White Vienna - Round above ground bulbs that are pale green with a smooth skin and have a creamy white flesh.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Lavender French - Lavandula stoechas - Plants are drought tolerant and require little maintence.  Use for its aromatic properties.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Leek - Autumn Giant - Fine flavour, milk-season variety for harvest through autumn.  Dark green leaves with white stalks that are milk and sweet.  Sow All Year.

Leek - Blue Green Winter - High yields, long white with upright foliage.  So easy to harvest and to clean.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Leek - Giant Carentan - European variety with extremely tender 15cm long withe stems.  Great in cool wet conditions.  Sow All Year.

Leek - Musselburgh - Extremly hardy.  Medium dark green tops and large tender white stalks.  Milk flavour.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Lemon Balm - Melissa officinalis - A clump-forming perennial herb from the mint family.  Used for its calming effects.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Amish Deer - Heavy production with dark green pointed leaves.  Soft texture and sharp flavour.  Sow all Year.

Lettuce - Australian Yellow - Non hearting variety of lettuce with yellow-green leaves.  Heat resistant.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Buttercrunch - Heat tolerant variety of Lettuce.  Does well under stress and has good bolt resistance.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Cos Verdi - Upright variety with green smooth leaves and open head.  Rich taste ideal for Greek salads.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Freckles - Type of cos lettuce.  Loose leaf with freckled burgundy specs throughout the leaves.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Great Lakes - Heirloom iceberg type of Lettuce.  Produces large crinkled leaves which form a dense head in the centre.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Iceberg - Tightly formed head of crisp, sweetly blanced leaves.  Sweetest leaves are in the centre.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Lettuce - Little Gem - Very small green romaine type.  One of the best tasting lettuces.  Heat tolerant.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Lollo Rosso - Very curled leaves that are light green with bright red edges.  Milk and tasty.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Paris Island - Compact dark green with upright slightly curly leaves.  Sweet flavour with a white heart.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Salad Bowl Green - Sweet tender with a sweet flavour.  Large deeply lobed green leaves.  Slow to bolt.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Salad Bowl Red - A large fast growing lettuce with burgundy/green leaves.  Copes well in our summer heat.  Sow All Year.

Lettuce - Summer Harvest - Bronze tipped ruffled leaves around a tight crisp green heart.  Good variety for hot summers.  Sow All Year.

Lovage - Perennial.  Member of the parsley family.  Has dark green leaves that look and smell like celery.  Leaves used for flavouring stews, soups and salads.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Marjoram - origanum majorana - Perennial.  Has a sweet pine and citrus flavour.  Cultivated for its aromatic leaves.  Sow All Year.

Mizuna - Tastes peppery like rocket, but is milder and sweeter.  Mizuna has a crisp stalk and frond like leaves.  Sow All Year.

Mugwort - Used medicinally for its anti-hepetic effect, also used to flavoure food.  Staple ingredient in may Korean dishes.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Mustard - Green Wave - Frilly green mustard grown as a baby leaf.  Adds a kick to salads, or let grow to full size for thicker leaves.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Mustard - Oskra Purple - Large rounded purple leaves with a pungent and sharp taste.  Companion plant to repel aphids.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Mustard - Red Giant - Purple-red leaves which are edged and veined pale green.  Vigorous growing broad leaf.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Mustard - White - Similar to red and green.  Thick, longitudinally ribbed white stem.  Leaves are smooth and white pale green.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Nettle - Stinging - Urtica dioica - Wild perennial herb.  High in potassium and iron.  Use leaves as you would spinach and as a tea.  Cooking slightly, kills sting.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Okra - Burgundy - Pods are slender and elegant with 5 points.  Tall, open plants.  Flowers are also edible.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Okra - Clemson Spineless - Spineless tender ribbed pods with excellent flavour.  Small pods are tenderer.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Okra - Mammoth spineless - Known for its large bright green slightly ribbed pods.  Remain tender longer than other varieties.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Onion - Gladalan - One of the oldest varieties.  Popular variety that produces medium to large brown onions.  Early to mid-maturing variety.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Onion - Red Creole - Medium sized red onion suited for warmer areas.  Flat globe shaped bulbs.  Excellent for storing.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Onion - Red Odourless - Large red bulbs with mild flavour.  Crisp flesh.  Good for salads.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Onion - Red Tropea - Sometimes called the purple onion.  Medium to large mild sweet flavour.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Oregano - Small shrub with small greyish green oval leaves.  The flavour is zesty and strong and used in Italian dishes.  Sow All Year.

Pak Choi - Green - Attractive hourglass shape with glossy, dark green leaves and green stems.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Pak Choi - Kwang Moon - Shite stemmed fast growing open leaves.  Eat raw in salads or cooked.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Parsley - Italian - A flat leave variety.  Has dark leaves and slender stems with bright and slightly bitter flavour.  Sow All Year.

Parsley - Triple Curl - Fast growing old fashioned parsley.  Biennial herb producing rosettes of darkish green leaves.  Sow All Year.

Parsnip - Guernsey - A french heirloom with medium long thick shoulders and smooth white skin.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Parsnip - Harris Model - The smoothest, whitest parsnip. Has long, slim shape.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Parsnip - Hollow Crown - One of the oldest varieties.  Best flavoured one of all.  Long smooth tappering roots.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Pea - Green Feast - Tradional sweet juicy peas in an abundance.  Bush variety.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Pea - Massey Gem - Great pea for freezing and shelling.  Fast growing and disease resistant.  Reliable producer.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Pea - Oregon - Produces flat, light green pods to 10cm.  Sweet, juicy and crunchy.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Pea - Snow Mammoth - Large sweet flavoured pods.  Tasty stir fried or in salads. Climbing variety.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Pea - Cascadia Sugar Snap - Thick walled pods tht are at their peak at 75cm long.  They are sweet crisp and juicy.  Bush variety.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Pea - Sugarsnap - Round sweet edible pods.  Vines are tall growing to 2m and needs support.  Climbing variety.  Sow Autumm/Spring.

Pea - Telephone - Heavy yeilding heirloom that produces sweet juicy tasting peas.  Requires trellis. Climbing variety.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Pea - Yakumo - Very large fleshy snow pea pods with excellent juicy flavour.  Pods are picked over an extended period.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Peppermint - Perennial aromatic herb.  Leaf and oil are used as medicine.  Tea is a refreshing way to boost overall health.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Pumpkin - Australian Butter - Large peach coloured squash taht has extra thick orange flesh.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Baby Blue - Compact bush variety.  Blue grey skin, orange flesh.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Butternut - Pear shaped with brightly coloured orange flesh.  They are sweet to taste and great pureed or made into soup.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Golden Nugget - Prolific, long keeping variety with small orange flattened spherical fruits.  Sweet and finely textured.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Jack Be Little - Trailing plant with small fruits for stuffing.  Orange flesh with deeply ribbed flattened fruit.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Jap - Also knwon as Kent Pumpkins.  They have yellow-orange flesh that is soft and dry with a nutty flavour.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Jarrahdale - Smooth grey green skin with distinct ribs and a rich orange flesh.  Ideal for roasting.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Blue Kuri - Japanese kabocha squash that has globe-shaped fruit with blue green skin.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Red Kuri - Great tasting sweet firm flesh with a delicate and mellow flavour similar to chestnuts.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Qld Blue - Australian variety that produces medium sized blue green skin that are tasty and an excellent keeper.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Small Sugar - Prolific and handsome little pumpkin.  Skin is deep orange-yellow.  Fine grained sweet and sugary to taste.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Pumpkin - Turkish Turban - Striped orange fruit ot 30cm with a hard striped skin that has a bump on the top of the fruit.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Radicchio - Palla Rosso - Italian chicory - gourmet type of vegetable.  Well wrapped round red heads.  Used as baby leaf or grow to maturity.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Radish - Black Spanish - Black redish that is larger than traditional radishes.  Flesh is crisp,l white and slightly bitter.  Sow All Year.

Radish - Cherry Belle - Round smooth scarlet crisp skin with withe flesh.  Fast and easy to grow.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Radish - Daikon - White fleshed with a very mild tast and low in calories.  Elongated root in a shape of a carrot.  Sow All Year.

Radish - Early Scarlet Globe - Round red roots with white flesh that is mild and tasty.  Sow All Year.

Radish - Easter Egg - Mixed of red, purple, and white round radishes.  Maturing over an extended period of time.  Sow All Year.

Radish - French Breakfast - Pre 1885 french heirloom with mild spicy flavour.  Red top and white bottom.  Sow All Year.

Radish - Hailstone - Large rooted variety with pure white skin and firm flesh that is juicy, mildly spicy in tastes. Sow All Year.

Radish - Pink Beauty - Uniform roots with medium tops.  Nice, tender, crisp texture and taste. Sow All Year.

Radish - Purple Plum - Round brilliant purple roots that are sweet and crunchy.  Sow All Year.

Radish - Watermelon - Edible globular root.  Creamy white inside with pale green skin.  Sow All Year.

Rhubarb - Victoria - Large, flat stems with bright red skin, lack of stringiness and a tart, apple-gooseberry flavoure with a hint of lemon.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Rockmelon - Hales Best - Most popular - produces fruit tht are sweet and aromatic.  Mildew resistant.  Sow Spring/Summer

Rocket - Wild - Known as perennial wall rocket.  Mustard like plant that grows in clumps with long leaves that are lobed.  Picked and used as baby leaf rocket.  Sow All Year.

Rocket - Salad - Nutritious green leafy vegetable.  Young leaves are sweet and nutty in flavour.  Eaten raw or cooked.  Sow All Year.

Rosella - Annual.  Attractive shrub with red stems and red/green leaves.  Red fleshy fruit commonly used to make jam.  Sow Spring/Summer

Rue - Ruta graveolens - Woody perennial.  Can grow in poor soil and tolerate our hot summers.  Insect repellents for chooks.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Sage - Perennial evergreen shrub.  Long, greyish green leaves.  Long history of medicinal and culinary uses.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Salad Burnet - The leaves have a subtle, cucumbery taste which is both cooling ans pleasant.  Used in salalds, sandwiches, soups and dips.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Silverbeet - Fordhook - Biennial normally grown as an annual growing to 70cm.  A very popular home garden variety.  Sow All Year.

Spearmint - Perennial aromatic herb.  Fresh or dried leaves can be used as a tea, in baths, facials to cleanse skin and much more.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Spinach - Bloomsdale - Buttery nutritious leaves.  Yield is good and slow to bolt.  Prefers warmer weather.  Sow All Year.

Spinach - English - it has a delicate flavoure with oval leaves and green stems.  Can be eaten raw, blanched or cooked.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Spinach - Malabar Red - Green leafy vegetble.  Fleshy leaves and tender stems that are red.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Spinach - Perpetual - Old heirloom is a relative of chard.  Needs to be picked soon before eating.  The leaves are shiny green with white midribs.  Sow All Year.

Spinach - Warrigal Greens - Leafy groundcover also known as Botany Bay Spinach.  Succulent like leaves with flavour common to spinach.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Spring Onions - Evergreen - Salad onion with long slender white green stalks.  Grows in clusters of 5-10cm long stalks.  Sow All Year.

Spring Onions - White Lisbon - Hardy and reliable variety with long white stems and bright green tops.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Squash - Blue Hubbard - Teardrop-shaped fruit.  Sweeet fine grained golden flesh.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Squash - Golden Scallopini - Delicious rare Italian heirloom bush.  Summer squash that produces golden fruits.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Squash - Green Hubbard - Large dark green knobbly fruit with sweet dark orange yellow flesh.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Swede - Champion - Large tender purple and cream roots.  Ideal for soups and stews.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Tansy - Tanacetum vulgare - Perennial.  Flowering heraceous herb.  Cultivated and used as an insect repellent.  Sow All Year.

Tatsoi - Also called Spinach Mustard.  Tatsoi has dark green spoon shaped leaves which form a thick rosette.  Sow All Year.

Thyme - Thymus vulgaris - Low growing perennial to 1.  Can be used dry or fresh in coups, stews, casseroles and as an herbal tea.  Sow All Year.

Tomato - Beefsteak - Heirloom variety grown for its flavour and size for slicing.  Meaty red fruit that matures late and is ideal as a fresh harvest in the latter part of the season. Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Black Russian - Grows on compact plants bearing plenty of dark mahogany brown fruits with a delicious blend of sugar and acid.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Cherry - Rounded, small fruited tomato.  Perfect size for skewers, salads and roasting.  Juicy, sweet and they have thin skins.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Graf Zeppelin - Strong growing bush variety.  Producing rich flavourful medium sized delicious fruit.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Green Zebra - Deep Lime green stripes.  Flesh is bright green and very rich tasting, sweet with a sharp bite.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Grosse Lisse - Produces lots of large round red fruit packed with flavour.  Grows on a robust vine that gets about 150cm tall.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Mortgage Lifter - Developed in the 1930's.  Pink delicious rich sweet fruit.  Plants are intermediate.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Oxheart - Fruit is heartshaped and bright pink in colour.  The flesh is meaty, sweet and has few seeds.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Red Pear - Old Italian variety.  REd Pear shaped beefsteak tomato.  Tasty huge fruit.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Roma - Egg shaped when fully ripe.  Roma is a good canning and sauce tomato.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Sugar Lump - Sweet German Heirloom variety that produces heavy yeilds.  Excellent eating quality and flavour.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Super Sioux - Grown as an interminate vine.  Bright red in colour with smooth skin and thick skin.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Rough De Marmande - Climbing French heirloom.  Large flattened red ribbed fruit.  Early maturing.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Tommy Toe - An indeterminate heirloom tomato variety with good disease resistance.  It produces great tasting sweet and juicy red fruit. Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Tropic - Disease resistant.  Red thick walled tomatoe excellent choice for hot humid weather.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Tomato - Yellow Pear - Yellow pear cherry fruit that has a mild flavour.  Great fresh or make tomato preserves.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Turnip - Gold Ball - Deliciously sweet tasting golden yellow flesh.  Sow Autumn/Winter.

Turnip - Purple Top - Slow bolting, large round roots.  Sweet mild, fine grained white flesh.  Sow All Year.

Turnip - Snowball - White globe turnip.  Juicy and sweet flavoured.  Sow All Year.

Watercress - Low growing wide spread perennial.  Can grow in cool flowing water and in a partly shaded area.  Exceptionally rich in vitamins and minerals.  Sow All Year.

Watermelon - Charleston Grey - Classic oblong watermelon with medium grey green rind.  Red flesh is fibre free and very tasty.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Watermelon - Crimson Sweet - Large round melons famous for its high sugar content and great flavour.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Watermelon - Crimson Sweet - Small round melon.  Solid dark green on outside with bright red firm super sweet flesh.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Zucchini - Black Beauty - Dark green skin and creamy white flesh.  Will produce heaps in summer iuf picked regularly.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Zucchini - Gold - Bright golden colour and a delicious distinct zucchini flavour.  Sow Spring/Summer. 


Livingston Daisy - Annual to 10cm.  Fleshy green leaves that produce tight packed floers in a mix of red, pink and white.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Lobelia - Crystal Palace - Best Lovelia for border edging and formal bedding.  Deep blue flowers offset by dark, bronzed foliage.  Sow Spring/Autumn.

Marigold - Petite - Marigolds grow in all climates.  Petite grow to 15cm and require little maintance.  Sow All Year.

Marigold - Crackerjack - Great for borders, containers or as a cut flower.  Large showy double gold, yellow and orange flower.  Sow Autumn/Spring.

Marigold - Sparky - Fantastic colours and unusual flower form.  Easy to grwo in pots or planters.  Flowers are edible.  Sow All Year.

Snapdragon - Magic Carpet - Dwarf variety with a lovely combination of colours.  Perfect size for containters or hanging baskets.  Sow All Year.

Snapdragon - Tom Thumb - Dward compact mix of snapdragon flowers.  Great for summer bedding and containers displayin bright colorus.  Sow All Year.

Sweet Pea - Early Gigantea - Annual.  Long vines that produce mildly fragrant flowers on long, sturdy stems.  Sow Summer/Autumn.

Zinnia - Californian Mix - Produce stems to 120cm.  Floer heads are 18cm wide.  Ideal for cut flowers, borders and to add bright colours to your garden.  Sow Spring/Summer.

Zinnia - Thumbelina - Beautiful, petite dwarf variety.  Produces all the colours of the rainbow in a compact plant.  Perfect for borders and containers.  Sow Spring/Summer.