Muslin Kitchen Cloth - Hemp and 100% Organic Cotton

This multi-use kitchen cloth is unbleached and comprised of 55% Hemp and 45% of 100% Organic Cotton.

You can trust it won't leach anything unfavourable during use. It also has not depleted soil biota to grow the hemp and cotton as with generic food grade cotton muslin.

It is fabulous at straining whey from curds, including butter, kefir, nut, yoghurt and cheese.  Perfect for steaming, stock straining, fermenting (including kombuchu and kefir), preserving, steeping, bouquet garni bags and cheese maturing. Great for hanging meats and Xmas puddings.  The list goes on!

Cut shapes and sizes as needed for your application.  Fabric washes well for reuse. The roll width is 145cm and gsm is 136.