Mad Millie White Cheese Wrap, for Brie, Camembert & more (10 Sheets)

White wraps are for ripening Camembert, Brie & other white moulded cheeses.

This wrap is micro-perforated which allows the cheese to breathe and mature over a 6-10 week period, during which the external white mould can infuse the interior. The dull side of the paper is designed to absorb any excess moisture (so should be the side touching the cheese) while the shiny side with holes protects the cheese from drying out, allowing it to develop flavour and aroma. 

Includes adhesive labels to keep your cheese sealed. The labels have space to write on so you can easily identify and monitor your cheese.

Includes: 10 Large Sheets - 240 x 240 mm | 10 Adhesive Labels