Mad Millie 9 Litre Cider Starter Kit


Make that refreshing Apple Cider at home ! It’s super easy with the Mad Millie Cider Starter Kit.

The Mad Millie Cider Kit contains everything you need to make 12 x 750ml bottles of your own refreshingly crisp apple cider at home. It includes natural fruit juice concentrate made from the very best fruit in millie's garden. All packed to retain the delicate flavours and aromas and ensure your cider is full of zest.

ABV: Approx 5.2%

Kit Contents: 
- 9 Litre Cider Ingredient Kit (fruit concentrate, sweetener, flavour and yeast)
- Hydrometer
- 12 Litre Fermenter with Thermometer
- Bottle Brush
- Carbonation Drops
- Syphon with tubing
- Mixing Spoon
- Sterilisers and Cleaners
- 12 750ml Flip Top Glass Bottles with Labels
- Instruction Manual

Millies garden is currently using five different apple varieties in the manufacture of the apple concentrate, Amasya, Golden, Starking, Granny Smith and Galaxy. We made the decision not to list these specific varieties on the packaging because the blends can change from year to year depending on the quality and crop - but right now, these are the varieties we're using. 

Ingredients: Apple juice concentrate, invert syrup, glucose syrup, malic acid, apple flavourings, yeast nutrient, dried yeast, artificial sweetener (acesulphame potassium), dextrose monohydrate, preservative (sodium metabisulphite). Contains sulphites.


*Please note - This kit does not contain bottles. Mad Millie recommends using recycled glass beer bottles or purchasing a 12 pack reusable glass flip top bottles to use with these brewing kits.

We sell 12 pack flip top bottles at our store as well !

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