Husk "Little People" Baby Cup


Save your children from the nasty chemicals that are released from melamine tableware!
Little People is produced in the color of it’s natural form with an elegant shiny finish, and now offered in fun colors.  The range is predominantly made from rice husk fibre.  Instead of burning and wasting this bi-product, we transform it to create re-usable, durable and natural products that will dissolve once buried under the ground.
Raw Materials – Rice husk / shell
Smooth, porcelain-like finish
Great alternative to clay, porcelain or glass tableware

Baby Cup Available in Natural, Denim and Cotton Candy


  • Reusable
  •  Dishwasher Safe
  • No heavy metals & Non toxic
  • Microwave Safe
  • Can withstand temperatures between 30C to 120C
  • BPA Free

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