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GreenSmart Product: Large Green Pot

How do Self Watering GreenSmart Pots Work?

Due to the large size of these fabulous pots, as a small business, sadly, we can't afford them to be part of free shipping in orders over $200. Please contact us for a custom delivery quote.

GreenSmart® pots utilise a unique self-watering system that uses less water than in-ground cultivation.  The fully contained system can be placed anywhere with minimal fuss or mess. The result allows the plants to receive all nutrients as and when they need.

Plants absorb moisture through their roots and exhaust it through their leaves. The roots draw up water through a process of osmosis. This phenomenon is the result of, what is referred to as, transpiration pull.  Plants in GreenSmart® self-watering pots have continuous access to water so transpiration pull is never interrupted. The plants grow continuously at peak performance.

Benefits of Large Self Watering Pots:

Another benefit of the self-watering pot is the ability to add fertiliser to the water itself. You can use a dilute solution added to the water, and the plant receives a tiny amount throughout the growing season.

Plants growing in GreenSmart® pots cannot be over-watered due to the placement of the overflow holes, which is also designed to create an air cushion between the potting mix lying on a perforated inner plate and the water reservoir.

Each GreenSmart Self Watering Pot kit includes:

  • A pot for planting.
  • A visual water level indicator.
  • A washer with indents to fit the locking system of the indicator to the container.
  • A washer to prevent leaks from inside.
  • A nut to fasten the indicator to the container.
  • Lid for the indicator.
  • A perforated inner plate for aeration with 8 legs
  • A plastic cover.
  • Instructions for assembly, usage of pot and plant out information.

GreenSmart Self Watering Pot Dimensions:

  • length 73.5cm
  • width 44cm
  • height 29cm
  • holds approximately 40L of soil - we recommend Square Foot Garden Mixfor growing veggies and herbs

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Due to its large size, this item is not eligible for free shipping as part of an order over $200.


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