Ground Master - 8-in-1 Handy Garden Tool

We love the Ground Master.  It is the ultimate multi-tasking garden tool.

8 functions in 1 tool!

1. Breaks Ground,  2. Cultivates,  3. Digs,  4. Chops,  5. Rakes,  6. Spreads,  7. Makes Furrows and  8. Tamps.

Ground Master harnesses the power of gravity making it easier to dig and cultivate.

This Ground Master garden tool has a hardened and tempered high-carbon steel head, and a FSC wood handle. Head width 15cm. Overall length 147cm. Made by Burgon and Ball.

Due to the long handle, Australia Post won't ship this item so unfortunately it is only available in store or within the Perth Metro Area.  If you are outside this area drop us an email to and we can provide a quote for a courier to deliver it to you.