Garden Tower 2



The Garden Tower 2 IS the Ultimate Vertical Market Garden.

  • The rotating Garden Tower 2 is a composter that grows 50 plants in 1.3m2 nearly anywhere.
  • Turns waste kitchen scraps to organic fertiliser to grow organic produce. The Garden Tower replicates a natural ecosystem allowing plants to access nutrients recycled through organic composting processes.
  • Easily grow nearly any vegetables, herbs or flowers organically.
  • An organic and resilient .17m3 vertical soil-based alternative to expensive and difficult hydroponic systems.
  • Made in the USA using 100% UV stable food-grade HDPE plastic, 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 101cm high, 62cm wide and 16.5 kgs. (~91kgs with wet soil)

Recently named the “Worlds Most Advanced Container Garden”, the Garden Tower 2 features food grade USA-made HDPE (non-toxic, BPA & PVC free plastic) components, FDA-approved dye and UV-protection antioxidant package for health, durability and recyclability.The Garden Tower is a revolutionary vertical self-contained garden / composting system that redefines home gardening, urban gardening and vermicomposting. Utilising 170L of potting soil, the Garden Tower allows for the abundant growth of 50 plants vertically in a minimal footprint and eliminates weeding, electricity, nutrient loss and most water loss associated with conventional gardening.

Garden Tower 2 Improvements to the Garden Tower 1.1:

1) Enhanced nutrient distribution: The vermicomposting tube at the core of every Garden Tower features 265% more perforations for greater access by plant roots and enhanced aeration.

2) Stacking & nesting planting rings: Customizable tower height and less soil compaction.

3) It rotates! 360 degree rotation made possible by a robust integrated bearing track = optimized sun exposure and better plant access in tight spaces.

4) Removable compost tea drawer and compost screen: better access, controlled compost release and less bending over.

5) Wide, heavy, reinforced, anchor able feet attach the tower securely to a rooftop, etc. Attachable wheels allows the Garden Tower to be frequently moved.

6) Even heavier built and more UV resistant: The Garden Tower 2 is 3.6 kgs heavier than the robust Garden Tower 1.1 and features the maximum amount of food-grade UV protection available in the industry for an expected 7-12 year lifespan even in harsh climates. 

Our soil recommendation is 4 x Bioactive Cocopeat Bags and 2 x NutraRich Potting Mix Bags.  Mix 2 to 1 as fill the tower.

We also offer locally made, strong, sturdy, lockable and beautifully made wheel assemblies.  They enable the tower to be moved easily.

Available on request are locally grown composting worms.

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