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Fresh Shoe Bamboo Charcoal Natural Absorbers (Set of 2) - IOco

Color: Teal

Fresh Shoe Bamboo Charcoal Natural Absorbers (Set of 2):

Stinky shoes are a thing of the past! Remove the odour, bacteria and moisture from smelly and damp shoes (and therefore your wardrobe) by popping this pair of Charcoal Shoe Absorbers into your shoes. 

Activated Bamboo Charcoal is 4 times more porous than regular charcoal due to the millions of tiny holes over a large surface area, giving it superior absorbtion power by drawing in impurities to prevent mold & mildew, as well as reducing chemical exposure in the home.

Eliminate the use of artificial shoe sprays which may contain dangerous chemicals, as well as the plastic packaging.

Also suitable for use in small areas of your home such as wardrobes, cupboards, gym bags, cars and pet areas. 

Contains 2 x 200gm Shoe Absorbers.


Activated Bamboo Charcoal pieces, absorbent inner pouch, cotton burlap outer pouch, metal grommet.

Directions for use:

Re-use & Rejuvenate your IOco Bamboo Charcoal Bag by placing it in the sunlight for 1 hour every month. UV rays clear the pores and re-set the bamboo charcoal ready to use again. 

Recycle after 2 years by sprinkling it into the garden soil to complete the carbon cycle, as well as providing nutrients and water retention in your soil. 

Charcoal Shoe Freshener Dimensions

16 x 7 x 7cm approx. 

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