Ecosilk Shopping Bag

Size: Aqua

The ideal alternative to a plastic bag.

Ecosilk shopping bags are an attractive, reusable, all-purpose, environmentally friendly shopping bag specifically designed to replace single-use plastic bags. Strong, lightweight and compact they are made from 100% nylon parachute silk in a large range of beautiful colours. 

Ecosilk bags are reliable, easily carrying up to 14kgs and guaranteed to last for at least 5 years with daily or weekly use. This bag will take as much as you can pack into it – they are designed to be reused thousands of times – with stitching methods chosen for their strength and durability. Their longevity means they have a small carbon footprint and combined with their recyclability means they are a solid environmentally friendly shopping bag. A quick machine wash and line dry (cool iron only) will keep your bag looking fresh, clean and ready to use for years to come. 

Ecosilk bags have many uses in addition to shopping. They can be used as library bags for adults or children, for knitting or craft bags, or for wrapping up presents instead of using paper. They make excellent presents as they are light and compact to post, especially for overseas gifts, fitting neatly into envelopes. As a travel bag, they can be used not only for shopping but for laundry, for keeping shoes or underwear contained in your suitcase as well as being ideal ‘thank you’ gifts for hosts.

Ecosilk bags are 100% Australian owned and designed by Emily Hay. The bags are made in China by fairly paid and ethically treated employees.


55cm (21.75″) Length x 32.5cm (12.75″) Width, expanding to 52cm (20.5″) with gusset.


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