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Seed and Seedling Dibbers, from Rippa Woodturning

Dibber Type: Seed

Seed and Seedling Dibbers:

Essential garden tools for the urban farmer! Poke a dibber into prepared soil to make a hole of just the right size and depth for your seed or seedling - markings on the dibbers let you make planting holes of the same depth every time. Use these with our Planting Ruler for perfect plant spacing.

Our pine Dibbers are hand crafted by Brian Kirkby of Rippa Woodturning, based in Perth, Western Australia. Brian is a member of the Swan Woodturners and sells a variety of beautifully made pieces at country markets or by request.


The dibbers are made from recycled pine timber which is sourced from factory refuse containers, thus reducing landfill. Most of the timber is reclaimed from packing crates or pallets and is locally grown Pinus radiata. Sometimes the reclaimed crates come from outside Australia so the pine is of unknown species. All pine used is untreated.

Customer Reviews

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Andreia Borges Rodrigues
Helpful and useful

A simple old school and well crafted tool that is quite helpful while planting seeds, because the lines help guide that each seed is planted at the correct depth. When not in use it looks cool hanging around the open shed.


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