Butterfly Tower

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This butterfly tower is made from certified FSC wood and has a weathered timber finish.

When assembled with the perch posts the butterfly tower dimensions are 39cm (h) x 24.5cm (w) x 16 cm (d)

It  can be placed at ground height, or nailed to a wall, post or tree branch.  Place a few twigs and leaves inside the tower.  The tower can be painted or not.  Butterflies are attracted by colour, particularly to purple and yellow.

If a butterfly can not find food and insect accessible water, it will move on to where food, water and shelter is available. To attract butterflies to your garden, plant lots of flowers, not only for the butterflies themselves, but also for the caterpillars. Then position this box close to the scented flowers and in a sheltered spot where it will catch the early morning sun. Butterflies love shallow muddy puddles.  A makeshift puddle can be a saucer with a layer of soil, a landing rock and water.