Bamboo Camping Set - Plastic Free

These bamboo camping sets are made from one of the most sustainable raw materials available in nature. EcoSouLife Bamboo products are made from 100% renewable plant-based materials - Bamboo Fibre and Starch. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that (unlike trees) can be harvested without destroying the plant.

The bamboo fibre, the waste material left behind from traditional manufacturing processes, is collected and repurposed to create durable, stylish, everyday and outdoor products. They contain zero oil-based plastics or melamine.

When buried, these products return back to nature without harming the environment. 

Bamboo Camping Set Includes: 

1 x 10" (25cm) Bamboo Dinner Plate 
1 x 14oz (414ml) Bamboo Camping Mug
1 x 16oz (473ml) Bamboo Bowl
1 x Bamboo Fork
1 x Bamboo Spoon
1 x Bamboo Knife
1 x Mesh Bag with Name Tag and Aluminium Carabiner Clip

These camping sets are available in Green, Sand, Orange, Pink, Charcoal, Navy and Aussie Outback 


    • Reusable
    • Made from Plants!
    • Raw Materials – Bamboo Fibre, vegetable matter, water and starch
    • Biodegradable within approx. 36 months when buried*
    • Great alternative to plasticware
    • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Heat-resistant up to 120°c (248°F) (Not for use in microwaves)
    • BPA Free, Melamine Free

*While this product is made of all-natural bio-based bamboo material, this product does not degrade in your cupboard. For years of normal use, wash by hand or in the dishwasher and dry. Not for use in microwaves. When you're ready to discard, remove reusable seals and wraps. Bamboo will naturally biodegrade when buried in soil or landfills when moisture, bacteria, heat and other factors are present. Biodegradation period may vary depending on environmental conditions. 

Aussie Outback