Root Pouch - Jill

Medium size Jill Root Pouch from our designer range can be used for greens, herbs or succulents and is perfect for bringing greenery indoors or small outdoor spaces. Don't be limited to the garden either, Jill looks amazing indoors as a decorative hold all on a table or kitchen bench.

 Available in Heather Grey and Navy the Jill Root Pouch is 22cm wide and 8cm high.

The Root Pouch is a fabric planting container that keeps plants healthier by allowing roots to air-prune and prevents root circling. The result is a fibrous, healthy root system so uptake of nutrients, oxygen, and water is more efficient.

Benefits of the Root Pouch are:

  • Pots can be washed & re-used and are UV resistant
  • Allows air & nutrients to pass freely through
  • Great to use with Up On the Rooftop's Waterpot Ollas!
  • Creates insulation from winter cold and/or summer heat
  • Stronger healthier starts 
  • Produces bigger yields & promotes vigorous root growth
  • Better use of water and nutrients
  • Quicker growing times
  • Better drainage
  • Prevents roots from circling (naturally root prunes)
  • Creates insulation from winter cold and/or summer heat
  • Decreases risk of transplant shock