Offset Carbon and Plant a Tree, with Gift Cards from Carbon Positive Australia

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Carbon Offset Gift Cards:

Give a gift to our precious Planet when you shop at Urban Revolution.

At Urban Revolution we wholeheartedly believe that the future of our Planet depends on returning carbon to the soil to offset the carbon emissions we humans create in our everyday activities. The simplest way to do this is to plant trees.

Carbon Positive Australia believes this too, and ALL proceeds from the sale of these Gift Cards goes towards funding the planting of native trees at one of Carbon Positive Australia's project sites in Western Australia. Their approach to combating climate change is to take degraded, unused land and restore the natural habitat by planting a mix of native trees and shrubs that are indigenous to the area. Native tree species are carefully selected to support natural ecosystems and wildlife, creating habitats that are more resilient to Australia’s climate.

Every carbon offset you purchase, every tree you give, every dollar you donate, helps Carbon Positive Australia to plant more trees and shrubs and restore more of the Australian landscape.

Each Gift Card funds the planting of one native tree.

Your donation will help Carbon Positive Australia to:

  • Educate, engage and inform the community about climate change, the environment and how we can all be part of the solution
  • Generate reforestation carbon offsets / credits
  • Restore our unique natural biodiverse habitat
  • Research carbon emission reduction and ways to offset our impact on the environment
  • Collaborate with other environmental organisations


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Current Project Sites:

BORDEN, Western Australia

Traditional Owners: Koreng Noongar
Why It’s Important: Carbon Positive Australia are working with experts to undertake research on the rehabilitation of saline land. The results have the potential to change how carbon farming on salt ridden land is seen across the world.

CRANBROOK, Western Australia

Traditional Owners: Minang Noongar
Why It’s Important: The planting site directly abuts the Stirling Ranges National Park. Carbon Positive Australia are hoping their biodiverse plantings will provide a wildlife corridor with the park.


EURARDY RESERVE, Western Australia

Traditional Owners: Nanda 

Why It’s Important: Eurardy reserve protects more than 500 plant species, including five nationally endangered or vulnerable species.

BROOKTON, Western Australia

Traditional Owners: Balardong Noongar 
Why It’s Important: This site will host a mix of biodiverse species and sandalwood and aims to reduce water tables, stabilise and regenerate eroded land, and create shelter and mixed grazing fodder for livestock.

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