Open Pollinated and Heirloom Seeds - Perth Hills Veggie Co

Perth Hills Veggie Co started in July 2015 as a small business with an aspiration to grow the best heirloom vegetable seedlings. Since then, their range of plants, seedlings and seeds has grown to include culinary and medicinal herbs, super hot and culinary chillies as well as annual and perennial flowers to complement an extensive range of heirloom vegetables.

Perth Hills Veggie Co. has a comprehensive selection of their range.

Heirloom seeds are varieties which have been grown for over fifty years and are open pollinated (not F1 hybrids) - which means that the seeds can be saved and will grow true to type, as long as they haven't been cross pollinated. Heirloom varieties are the gardening and culinary heritage which has been passed down from those who gardened before us.