Dibber (Wooden)- Pine - Rippa Woodturning
These pine Dibbers are wood turned by Brian Kirkby of Rippa Woodturning, based in Perth Western Australia. Brian is a member of the Swan Woodturners and sells a variety of beautifully wood turned pieces at country markets or by request. The dibbers are made...
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Compost Thermometer
This Reotemp compost thermometer makes hot composting easy.   Hot Composting Monitoring the temperature of a hot compost pile provides a wealth of information to achieve a successful compost using the hot composting method.   Knowing the temperature at the centre of...
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Wooden Seed Packet Storage Box with Resizable Compartments
These beautiful seed boxes are each unique and handmade from reclaimed pine by the Vic Park Mens Shed.  Rod's design and attention to detail have made these boxes very practical and robust. All dividers can be removed and re-added to accomodate...
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Rootex Rooting Powder - 18g
Small pack of rooting hormone powder, 18gms of 3000ppm IBA, For Stimulating root initiation in cuttings
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Aussie Hand Made Ho-Mi
An Australian take on a Korean design.  This hoe is the perfect lightweight chipping hoe for cultivation, weeding and planting. This Ho-Mi is a handcrafted artisan gardening tool made from high carbon steel, heat-treated for maximum strength and sharpened to...
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Traditional Hori Hori Soil Knife
This beautiful multi-purpose tool is perfect for all garden types including veggie, permaculture, native and ornamental.  It is sooo useful for gardeners of all abilities and interests. It is recognised as an all-in-one gardening tool. Hori-hori means to dig and due to its...
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Fruit Picker Head
This fruit picker head can be attached to a long handle and used to safely remove fruit from trees without the need for a ladder. Use it to pick all hard-to-reach fruit, including oranges, apples, pears and plums. Simply place the...
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Garden Metal Sieve - 40cm
**Please note item is temporarily unavailable. We are working hard to find a new supplier and return this product to our shelves as quickly as possible. Drop us a line if you'd like to be added to the waiting list.**   This...
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Stainless Steel Transplanter Trowel
Lightweight, narrow profile, transplanter trowel with soil depth graduations to 10cm and 4in. Premium stainless steel blades and FSC Ashwood handle.
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Eco Max Coconut Palm Broom or Rake - Coconut Palm Frond and String
Eco Max Coconut Palm Broom This amazing natural broom works as a rake and an outside broom. Handmade from the center of the coconut palm frond and bound with coconut fibre string, the Eco Max Coconut Palm Broom will rake leaves...
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Fruit Picker Head with Handle - Burgon & Ball
You simply place the basket around the fruit and engage the wire 'teeth' around the stem of the fruit.  Twist and gently pull the fruit from the tree.  It is for picking all hard to reach fruit, including oranges, apples,...
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Ryset Long Picking Knife
Ryset long picking knife with wooden handle and 70mm carbon steel blade.
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Steel Garden Rake - Adjustable
This fabulous adjustable steel rake folds down to a small storage size and the prongs can be sized to a required width for the job. It is a chrome spring steel construction.  Due to the length, Australia Post won't ship this item so...
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Rooster Weather Vane - Pressed Copper
This quality three dimensional pressed copper rooster weather vane includes a copper spacer ball, cardinal directions and a polished finish arrow that spins freely and indicates wind direction.  This strong weather vane looks great on a home, chicken house, garage, verandah, mailbox and...
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Garden Knife - Opinel No 8 Stainless Steel Folding
Its pointy toe and reinforced (rust resistant) blade make the garden knife No.8 indispensable in the garden. It is the ideal tool for weeding, picking fruit, vegetables or cutting twine, rope, bag seals etc. Blade length - 8.5 cm Stainless Steel - Sandvik 12C27...
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Bypass Secateurs - Florabrite™
With their Royal Horticultural Society endorsement and fully hardened & tempered high carbon steel blade for lasting sharpness these bypass secateurs will be your garden best friend.  featuring robust alloy handles, covered in a comfortable grip for maximum visibility in the garden,...
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Japanese Sickle
Great tool for your yard work. Cut and chops directly to the base of plants. Easy cutting down to the roots of weeds. Also useful for harvesting your vegetables.
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Long Handled Miracle Block Paving Brush
Long handled miracle block paving brush, removes moss and weeds easily.FSC hardwood head with three rows of converging, tough wire bristles, gives extraordinary, targeted cleaning power.The extra long 158cm handle means no stooping! Due to the long handle, Australia Post won't...
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Secateurs - Wood Handled
Wooden (ash) handled secateurs with drop forged stainless blades.Lovely wooden handle with sharp blade. Both useful and beautiful. Because of the nature of wood, the finish may vary.  Length: 8 inches.
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The Bug Blaster
The Bug Blaster ™ is 100% environmentally safe and a user-friendly, pesticide free way to effectively control aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs, spider mites and more. Simply hook The Bug Blaster up to your garden hose, turn on the water and...
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Sophie Conran Indoor Watering Can
A beautiful addition to your garden tools. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. The handle slides easily through the hand when you tilt to pour, made specifically for watering or delivering water exactly to where you want it.  Comfortable...
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Corona Oscillating Hoe - 100mm (4 Inches) Blade
Want to grow your garden but those pesky weeds just keep on popping out of nowhere? Now we have the ultimate tool to help your gardening woes and take out those unruly weeds in no time. What is an Oscillating...
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Secateurs - Leather Handled
Extremely comfortable secateurs with leather grip handles. High grade carbon steel offers great cutting power and these are both light and smaller than our other secateurs making them ideal for smaller hands. Oil after getting wet.
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Small Harvesting Sickle
Designed for cutting grass, clearing vines, harvesting vegetables, pruning bushes or for use as a picking knife. Made from High Carbon steel, it is extremely lightweight, strong and sharp.
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Cabbage Moth Decoys
These life like cabbage moths decoys will move in the wind and are used for toxin-free pest control.  A cluster of these decoys are used to trick other moths to move on before laying their eggs. Cabbage Moths love to lay their...
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Herb Dryer
This simple and classical metal herb dryer enables you to enjoy herbs year round. Simply tie a bunch of herbs together with string and hand on the forged hooks in a dry airy space. Can also be used to dry small bunches...
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Delta Hoe
The sharp point, weighted head and blades on both edges of this traditional hoe make it ideal for removing weeds, digging and planting.  Made from High Carbon steel for strength and durability. Length 400mm
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Wide Garden Trowel
This broad, shallow blade is ideal for scooping and digging in softer soil. The blade and shaft is heat treated to 50 RC hardness, and sharpened on the narrow entry point. It will cut like a knife though soil, roots...
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Stainless Steel Watering Can - 1.5 L
A beautifully designed watering can in a very practical size. The fine spout makes this perfect for watering indoor plants. Sturdily made from stainless steel. Measures 43 x 23 x 10cm.
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Mini Snips
Pocket sized snips perfect for deadheading, collecting herbs and pinching out annuals. Regular deadheading promotes more flowers, longer flowering, improved appearance and healthier plants. 11cm in length with short, razor sharp blades. Supplied with a protective blade cover. Part of the...
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Ryset Short Picking Knife
Ryset short picking knife with wooden handle and 50mm carbon steel blade.
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Sophie Conran Mesh Harvesting Basket - Grey
The Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball Large Mesh Harvesting Basket is the ideal garden companion. It can be used to carry your tools, gloves and seeds as you potter in the garden, or to collect your fruit, vegetables, herbs or...
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pH Soil Testing Kits
The pH of the soil affects plant growth.  If the pH is too acidic (less than 5.5) or alkaline (over 7.5) particular nutrients become increasingly less available to the plant. This can result in plant growth and performance being greatly...
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Pruning Saw - Opinel No 12 Folding
An Opinel small saw with a 12cm blade which cuts branches effortlessly. Perfect for the garden, this tool is also useful during outdoor activities, it turns out to be very handy and efficient. An ideal tool to saw branches with a diameter...
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Short Grass Sickle
A wooden-handled sickle ideal for cutting long grass with ease. Its curved blade makes for easy manoeuvring and allows for harvesting or reaping grass and other plants. 21cm Blade 36cm Handle.  
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Compost Mate - Mix and Aerate Compost
The RELN Garden Compost Mate™ is the clean, convenient and effective way to operate your compost bin – and it's so much easier than using a pitch fork! It is made from powder coated steel. With just a few minutes...
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Hori Hori Soil Knife
Multi-purpose traditional Japanese style soil knife, for digging, weeding and cultivation.It features a 175mm strong concave blade with serrations on one face and sharp cutting edges on all others. It has soil depth graduations in cms and inches and a hardwood handle....
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Vegetable Harvesting Knife
Forged from high carbon steel for durability and edge retention, this vegetable harvesting knife has a hardwood handle and leather hanging thong. This knife comes with a blade protection sleeve. Made in the UK by Burgon & Ball.
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Cell Tray Trowels
A pair of handy sized trowels designed for small pots and indoor gardening. Ideal for working in cell trays or transplanting seedlings and perfect for filling cell trays without messy over spill. Cell trays help promote healthier plants - no tangled roots and...
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Pruning Knife - Opinel No 8 Stainless Steel Folding
This Opinel No. 8 Pruning Knife is made for pruning, grafting, trimming and cutting jobs around the garden or home. The size of this knife makes it versatile, compact and lightweight. Blade length - 8.2 cm Stainless Steel - Sandvik 12C27 modified...
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Tramontina Cane Knife / Cauliflower Chopper
A Ryset Tramontina cane knife / cauliflower chopper, measuring 11”.
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Bonsai Shears 180mm
Japanese bonsai shears, measuring 180mm.
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Aussie Made Hand Fork
Small digging and cultivating hand fork. Handcrafted in Australia from high carbon steel, heat-treated for maximum strength and sharpened to a knife edge. These tools are a delight to use and beautiful to behold. With care, they will last a lifetime. ...
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Due Buoi Budding Knife
This combination budding and grafting blade, straight, taper one face with polished budding tip on top corner, wood handle. Made in Italy using quality cutlery grade, tool steel blades.
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Pointed Heart Trowel
This gorgeous hand made heart shaped pointy trowel is ideal in the veggie garden and is also ideal for digging and weeding in all soil types. The blade and shaft is heat treated to 50 RC hardness, and sharpened on the...
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Stainless Steel Compost Scoop
With its Royal Horticultural Society endorsement, nothing beats this handy tool for speedy removal of compost from sacks without spillage. Deeply dished and the perfect size for all but the smallest of pots. Width 8.5cm, overall length 31cm.
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Garden Journal (Spiral Bound) - Write To Me
An A5 spiral-bound garden journal, to keep track of plantings, to-do lists and garden plans.
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Multipurpose - Opinel No 8 Stainless Steel Folding Knife With Sheath and Case
The No 8 is THE versatile knife and Opinel's best seller.  It is a great size to keep in your pocket or bag for many tasks around the house, during outdoor activities, hobbies, sports, at work, etc. With an alpine sheath that has a...
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Mushroom Knife - Opinel No 8 Stainless Steel Folding
The Opinel No 8 mushroom knife is perfect for cutting, removing dust, cleaning and trimming mushrooms in the field or at home.  Blade Length - 7 cm Stainless Steel - Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. It is anti-corrosive thanks to the...
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