100% Cotton Knitted Dish Cloths - 2 Pack

These beautifully handmade 100% cotton yarn dishcloths are knitted in Perth by the very lovely Jan (generally while watching the footy!). :0)

Below is Jan's info about her product.

I began by hand knitting a few just for myself, improving on the pattern, size, strength and thus, durability, as I went.  After now using them for a period of time, I really love:

-  the way they clean with a slight scouring effect,

-  their durability, (I'm still using the original few I produced 18 months ago with plenty of wear left in them still!),

-  the hygiene factor, by regularly rotating two or three it means always having access to a clean and fresh dishcloth,   

-  their reusable factor, making them economical and a great way of reducing landfill instead of using disposable items and therefore helping the planet,

-  how they make a useful and novel gift item,

-  the choice of colours,

-  their versatility as they also make great general cleaning cloths with all the above benefits! 

My wish is that they are used and enjoyed widely as one step towards making a small difference to the future of our planet - for ALL of our kids and grandkids.  

Jan grew up in Vic Park, raised her 4 kids in Busselton, lives in Rockingham and has 7 grandkids.