Vic Park Honey

Vic Park Honey comes from beehives placed near the Victoria Park Community Garden in the Read Park sump and the Satellite Community Garden in Rutland Ave in Victoria Park, close to Perth CBD.

Vic Park Honey has the goal of supplying honey to the local community, brought to you by local bees and the local flowers.

The honey is of very high quality as the bees have plenty of different flowers in the suburbs to choose from with many well-maintained gardens in the area.
Colour and aroma of the honey can differ between extractions depending on what trees/plants are flowering in the suburb.

The honey provided is 100% pure/raw and is only strained to filter out beeswax. Unprocessed honey will crystallize with time, but you can return it to a syrup by leaving the jar of honey in warm (not boiling!!!) water for a while. If the water is too hot it can destroy the good properties in raw honey.