October Newsletter 2019: Product Reviews

September 30, 2019 3 min read

October Newsletter 2019: Product Reviews

Our aim is to stock products that are as sustainable, ethical, natural and locally-made as possible.

An ideal Urban Revolution product is made from renewable materials that are compostable, cause no harm to the water table and are made as near to our store as possible to promote local economy and reduce CO2 miles. 

It is not as black and white as this and we are forever reviewing.

Here are a few of our favourite things for October!

 1. Zero Waste Vegan Lip Balm by The Family Hub

The Family Hub Lip Balm Urban Revolution

An amazing zero waste product, all five flavours of this lip balm come in 100% biodegradable tubes!

They are rich in completely natural, Australian, vegan, and organic ingredients like hemp and jojoba oils to softly protect and hydrate your lips. The tubes are made from recycled cardboard and are printed with vegetable inks, making them home-compostable.

You can't go wrong with any of the flavours: Bare Hemp (unscented), Peppi Hemp (peppermint), Sweet Hemp (lemon myrtle), Zesty Hemp (lemon & lime) and Lovespell. 

2. 9L Outdoor Watering Can by Ryset

9L watering can urban revolution

This outdoor watering can is our first pick for home watering and an essential for Spring gardening!

The design is perfectly balanced with a long spout and curved handle to make watering your garden easy. It is also made from quality, heavy gauge, galvanised steel that is made to last a lifetime.

The perfect gift to yourself or a fellow gardener!

3. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars by St James Supply Co



These are one of our newest products in the store and are made not far away.  You can select a shampoo and conditioner bar to suit your hair type and skin sensitivity. 

The shampoo bars are derived from coconut. This means they are “soap-free” and have a much closer pH to human skin than soap-based shampoo bars. This, along with oat protein makes them excellent for children and adults with sensitive skin.

The conditioner bars are made with a range of naturally derived ingredients, shea butter and cocoa butter, and an olive-based ingredient (used in place of silicones) which is their shiny hair secret. 

4. 'Feed Your Skin' moisturising lotion bar by The White Pigeon Said

Feed Your Skin zero waste moisturiser Urban Revolution

This is absolutely the best body moisturiser alternative we have ever seen!

Not only are the ingredients 100% natural and toxin free, but the tube is totally compostable at home!

Yep, this is a totally zero waste moisturiser. With richly nourishing oils like avocado, hemp, babassu, and cacao and shea butters, it can be applied all over the body and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and nourished.

5. Toothpowder by So Naturelle

Toothpowder so naturelle urban revolution zero waste

A fabulous product made locally here in Perth, this toothpowder is a natural and zero waste alternative to toothpaste.

We stock both the Miswak and Charcoal varieties of this toothpowder in small tins or in scoop refill form. Amazing for natural, everyday oral care without the single-use plastic toothpaste tubes!

6. Pointed Heart Shape Trowel by JD Ryan


We have several tools handmade by this Australian manufacturer.  They are hand forged by James, a blacksmith in Victoria.

All are made from high carbon steel, heat treated for maximum strength and sharpened to a knife edge. The handles are made from spotted gum. This pointed trowel is ideal for digging and cutting through weeds and wonderful for precision digging out of a specific plant in a seedling flat or garden bed.


We are looking forward to letting you know about more new and innovative products made from better materials next month!🤓

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Margaret White
Margaret White

October 02, 2019

thanks for info on seeds this will be very helpful,Also I be down to get your shampoo bars,as last ones I got in Walpole and have not found any one stocking it in Perth ,Thanks

All thoughts and comments welcomed! 😊

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