• Reducing Plastic Waste In The Kitchen

    Reducing Plastic Waste In The Kitchen

    Hello and welcome to all of our wonderful community who are making a further difference in the world and joining us in reducing plastic household waste! For those who are new to Plastic Free July, it is a worldwide challenge to choose to refuse single-use plastic to reduce landfill waste, reduce your eco-footprint, and protect the oceans.  Urban Revolution is passionate about helping people to live lighter, so...
  • Native Bees – Most Welcome Visitors to the Garden

    Native Bees – Most Welcome Visitors to the Garden

    Most of us are very familiar with the honey bee Apis mellifera: they are regular visitors to every garden and their pollinating skills have made them a vital part of commercial food production world-wide.  But this species is not a native to Australia, even though feral hives have become very common and, in some cases, problematic where they compete with other critters for nesting spaces. Fortunately,...
  • Permaculture Earthworks Course

    Permaculture Earthworks Course

    At Urban Revolution we are all about finding and sharing ways to live lighter on the planet, restore the land and grow good food.  And – despite the name - that goes just as much for the rural setting as the urban. I am the new kid on the block at Urban Revolution and with my partner Naomi, I share 136 acres of land...
  • Kishu Binchotan

    Kishu Binchotan

    What is Kishu Binchotan? Kishu Binchotan, also known as shiro-zumi or white charcoal, is an activated charcoal or carbon made in the Kishu region of Japan.  It is a traditional material and is widely used in Japan for food preparation, as a smoke-free, long-burning BBQ fuel and Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).  Other applications include: water filtration, humidifying, air filter, radio frequency shielding, electromagnetic wave...
  • Perth Garden Festival Prize Draw Winner

    Perth Garden Festival Prize Draw Winner

    We had an awesome time at the Perth Garden Festival and met such fabulous and inspiring people throughout the 4 days.  The winner of the beautiful Burgon & Ball waterfall can is Libby Dawson from Margaret River.  Libby is a passionate garden so it is in safe hands! Thank you to everyone who entered the draw. We hope to see you soon at our...
  • Urban Revolution will be at the Perth Garden Festival

    Urban Revolution will be at the Perth Garden Festival

    Hi All, Just a quick note to let you know that we will be exhibiting at the 2017 Perth Garden Festival www.perthgardenfestival.com. Kids under 18 are admitted free so bring the whole family.  We are just around the corner from one of our favourite suppliers (No Frills Fertilisers) in bay 84B.   Our shop at 284 Albany Highway will still be open so if...
  • How to Make Newspaper Pots

    How to Make Newspaper Pots

    Newspaper pots are easy to make and offer a sustainable alternative to plastic nursery pots. Seedlings can be planted into the garden in their newspaper pot, adding carbon to the soil and avoiding root disturbance.  Newspaper Pot Instructions From a sheet of newspaper tear a 9cm wide strip down the grain of the paper for the small newspaper pot maker or a 13cm wide...
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