• 4 Easy Low-Waste Gift Wrapping Methods

    4 Easy Low-Waste Gift Wrapping Methods

    Reduce waste, save money on wrapping materials and give unique, thoughtfully wrapped gifts simply by re-thinking the way we do gift wrapping. There are so many ways to start using recycled, compostable or reusable materials! Here our our top 4 methods for easy eco-friendly gift wrapping:   1. Furoshiki... or Fabric Gift Wrapping  Using the Japanese Furoshiki technique, you can wrap any shaped gift...
  • How To Make Yoghurt At Home

    How To Make Yoghurt At Home

    Please enjoy this article from guest blogger Natalie Ong, a local Urban Revolutionary. Natalie has had great success with an op-shop yoghurt maker (which is awesome if you can find one)! This method can also be done using a Culturing Flask such as this one from Urban Revolution. Enjoy this article and let us know your experience in the comments!   This is an...
  • Home-Made CoronaVirus Hand Sanitiser

    Home-Made CoronaVirus Hand Sanitiser

    With health concerns sweeping the globe, hand hygiene has never been so imperative.  Store-bought hand sanitiser has suddenly become a hot commodity... but there are many reasons why making your own home-made hand sanitiser can be much better than the store-bought stuff. Remember: hand sanitisers are a quick and easy hygiene solution but washing your hands with water and soap is the most effective...
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