Recycling And More At Urban Revolution


Have you spotted our Recycling Station and Jar Exchange out the front of our Vic Park store in Perth? Here's a rundown of what you can drop off for recycling at Urban Revolution!

Recycling Station

  • Plastic lids
  • Plastic bread tags
  • Coffee pods (L’OR, Moccona, Nescafé, & Seven Miles brands)
  • Contact lenses and blister packs (any brand)
  • Dish and air care waste (any brand of dishwashing or air freshening products including bottles/aerosols/spray bottles/dishwasher tablet packaging/air fresheners & refills)
  • Oral care (any oral care product or packaging except electric toothbrush bases)
  • Writing instruments (any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, empty correction fluid pot, correction tape, mechanical pencil and eraser pen. NO wooden pencils, crayons, and chalk)

Recycling Station Urban Revolution Vic Park


Jar Exchange

We also have a community Jar Exchange out the front of our store where we encourage anyone to drop off or take as many jars as you need.

Glass jars are perfect for repurposing into food & drink storage, freezer storage, arts and crafts, pot plant pots or indoor plant water vases. Our local bulk food stores Loose Produce and The Source Vic Park both love people bringing in empty glass jars for weighing and filling with various packaging-free food and cleaning products. Browse our free Jar Exchange any time to collect the perfect jars for whatever you need.

Jar exchange Urban Revolution Vic Park


Abundance Basket

In the spirit of sharing among our wonderful community, we also have an Abundance Basket for sharing and swapping of any excess, local, home-grown produce. Anyone is welcome to drop off or take home free fresh produce from this little basket, usually found out the front of our store.

 Abundance basket free local produce Abundance basket free local produce Abundance basket free local produce


We love encouraging our local community to be more environmentally responsible and hope that we can all enjoy doing the right thing with our waste!

Eliminating plastic waste all together is the priority, but we understand that in today’s world it’s extremely difficult to become 100% zero waste. With the help of TerraCycle Australia and Precious Plastic Perth, we are now collecting all of these items for recycling from our community, as well as offering the free Jar Exchange and Abundance Basket. We hope you can make the most of these community initiatives.

The Urban Revolution Team

Recycling station urban revolution vic park perth

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