Microgreen or Sprout? Best Methods for Different Seeds (and what they taste like)


Microgreens and sprouts are essentially the same concept but are grown in different ways. Different seeds are better suited to either sprouting or growing as a microgreen, while other seeds suit both growing methods but may yield a slightly different result. For example, mung beans can be sprouted with a short shoot, or can be grown for its long, crunchy microgreen shoot. Click here to read more about the differences between microgreens and sprouts and the best ways to grow both

When sprouting and growing microgreens, it is important to source your seeds from trustworthy, organic suppliers for a successful, plentiful and healthy yield. Using low quality seeds runs the risk of low percentage of germination and/or mould growth. Click here to see our range of microgreen and sprouting products and seeds at Urban Revolution, sourced only from local, heirloom, organic suppliers.

We also sell Windowsill Microgreen Kits, bottle top sprinklersplant misters and seedling flats that are all great tools for growing microgreens.

See all of our sprouting and microgreen seeds, kits and more here.

Microgreen seed packets - wheatgrass and broccoli


Best growing methods for microgreen and sprout seeds with tasting notes

Best seeds for microgreens

Beans / green pea - delicious (a kid favourite), easy, long-lasting in fridge, regrow after cutting

Mung beans - thick, juicy, crunchy, mild taste

Alfalfa - small, crunchy, mild taste

Sunflower - delicious, dense, great yield, long-lasting in fridge

Radish - spicy, flavoursome, great yield, colourful

Salads (kale, kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage, rocket/arugula) - small, lightly flavoured, colourful

Basil - rich, sweet taste, great yield

Cress - fast-growing, peppery taste

Wheatgrass - thin grass-like shoots, highly nutritious

Best seeds for sprouting in a jar

Broccoli - small, slight peppery taste

Mung beans - thick, juicy, crunchy, mild taste

Alfalfa - small, crunchy, mild taste

Beets - colourful, sweet & earthy taste

Green pea - thick, crunchy with a fresh, sweet taste. Complement mung beans.

Lentils - colourful, crunchy, rich flavour

Mustard - small, earthy & spicy taste

Radish - small, colourful, spicy

Sunflower - thick, juicy, rich flavour

Chickpea - juicy, crunchy, rich nutty flavour

Best seeds for sprouting on a tray

Flaxseed - crunchy and nutritious with little white tails

Mung beans


Green pea



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