• Saving Water In Summer

    Saving Water In Summer

    Why Do We Need To Save Water?? Fresh water is the most essential ingredient for life on Earth, and is our most precious resource. As a human race, we don't just rely on it for drinking and eating but use it in almost everything we do: construction, transport, energy and more. In the Western world, it is easy to take clean water for granted...
  • Hydraulic Ram Pump - A Beautiful Alternative Technology

    Hydraulic Ram Pump - A Beautiful Alternative Technology

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    Author: Rod Hughes, Leafcutter Permaculture The hydraulic ram pump is a beautiful piece of alternative technology which can – in the right conditions – shift water from one point on a site to a higher elevation without the input of energy beyond the kinetic energy of the water itself.  Amazing! The ram pump was reportedly invented about 200 years ago and while there are many...
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