• Hydraulic Ram Pump - A Beautiful Alternative Technology

    Hydraulic Ram Pump - A Beautiful Alternative Technology

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    Author: Rod Hughes, Leafcutter Permaculture The hydraulic ram pump is a beautiful piece of alternative technology which can – in the right conditions – shift water from one point on a site to a higher elevation without the input of energy beyond the kinetic energy of the water itself.  Amazing! The ram pump was reportedly invented about 200 years ago and while there are many...
  • Permaculture Earthworks Course

    Permaculture Earthworks Course

    At Urban Revolution we are all about finding and sharing ways to live lighter on the planet, restore the land and grow good food.  And – despite the name - that goes just as much for the rural setting as the urban. I am the new kid on the block at Urban Revolution and with my partner Naomi, I share 136 acres of land...
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