• How To Grow Great Garlic from Cloves

    How To Grow Great Garlic from Cloves

    We love how easy garlic is to grow, and how deliciously rewarding the end result is! March, April, and May are the perfect months to plant cloves of most garlic varieties (including local Purple Striped Garlic) in Perth to yield mouth-watering full bulbs in Spring. It really is so rewarding to have each little clove you plant turn into a whole new, full bulb!...
  • VIDEO: The Fail-Safe Way To Grow Potatoes (Growing Potatoes In Bags)

    VIDEO: The Fail-Safe Way To Grow Potatoes (Growing Potatoes In Bags)

       Learn the easiest way to grow potatoes at home in this video where Alana from the Vic Park Community Centre interviews Jo from Urban Revolution on back-yard potato growing. You can find everything you need on our Vic Park or online store, including certified disease-free seed potatoes, potato grow bags, straw mulch, mature compost, harvesting scoops and potato brushes.   Learn more ways...
  • Everything You Need To Know About Growing Potatoes

    Everything You Need To Know About Growing Potatoes

    While store-bought potatoes are readily available all year round, nothing beats the flavour of the home grown version. Potatoes can be grown in most climates if you choose a suitable variety. They can be grown in the ground, in pots, or in bags, making them a great choice no matter how much growing room you have.  This potato growing video has lots of useful...
  • Perth Recycling Guide

    Perth Recycling Guide

    We love encouraging our local community to be more environmentally responsible and hope that we can all enjoy doing the right thing with our waste! Eliminating excess waste all together is the priority, but we understand that in today’s world it’s extremely difficult to become 100% zero waste. Recycling can very quickly become a confusing and daunting thing when you start trying to figure...
  • 4 Easy Low-Waste Gift Wrapping Methods

    4 Easy Low-Waste Gift Wrapping Methods

    Reduce waste, save money on wrapping materials and give unique, thoughtfully wrapped gifts simply by re-thinking the way we do gift wrapping. There are so many ways to start using recycled, compostable or reusable materials! Here our our top 4 methods for easy eco-friendly gift wrapping:   1. Furoshiki... or Fabric Gift Wrapping  Using the Japanese Furoshiki technique, you can wrap any shaped gift...
  • Have A Merry Zero Waste Christmas

    Have A Merry Zero Waste Christmas

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    How To Reduce Your Waste This Christmas Family, food and celebration is how most of us want to spend Christmas but too often that includes single use items, plastic utensils and decorations, and non-recyclable gift wrapping. It is possible, with just a little forethought, to embrace a low waste Christmas that is even more fun and beautiful than you might expect. By being mindful...
  • Plant Feature: Chilli and Capsicum

    Plant Feature: Chilli and Capsicum

    Capsicums and chillies are easy to grow and a healthy bush can produce bountiful harvests every year! Enjoy this guide and our top tips for growing abundant capsicums and chillies.     Types of capsicums Capsicum annuum: most common types including jalapenos, bell peppers, paprika, cayenne and chilli peppers Capsicum chinense: hotter species of chillies Capsicum frutescens: smaller fruits including tabasco and Thai peppers Image from...
  • What You Can And Can't Recycle This Christmas

    What You Can And Can't Recycle This Christmas

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    Reusing and recycling materials this Christmas is a great way to try and reduce your waste that's heading to landfill. In this article, find out how to best dispose of your festive waste; including which types of wrapping paper can and can't be recycled. The first step is always to try and wrap your own gifts with eco-friendly wrapping (see some easy ideas here)...
  • Seasonal Recipe: Roasted Fennel With Garlic and Herbs

    Seasonal Recipe: Roasted Fennel With Garlic and Herbs

    Preparation time: 8 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutesServes: 4 Enjoy this delicious and simple side-dish recipe! Ingredients 2 large bulbs of fennel 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 cloves garlic 3/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon thyme [optional] 1/4 parmesan   Method Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celcius Remove stalks from the fennel bulbs. Cut each bulb in half lengthwise and then...
  • Plant Feature: Florence Fennel

    Plant Feature: Florence Fennel

    Fennel is an easy, abundant plant to grow and Florence fennel is an extra special variety. Florence fennel is the bulb variety of fennel that can be eaten as a vegetable as compared to common varieties; wild, bronze or sweet that are grown for their leaves, pollen and seeds only. Not only can the Florence variety bulb, stems, leaves, pollen and seeds be eaten but this...
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