• Plant Spotlight - Passionfruit

    Plant Spotlight - Passionfruit

    The tropical aroma of ripe passion fruit is the smell of summer! This vigorous vine is a popular multi use plant for urban gardens. Passionfruit is an awesome perennial climber which is hardy to wind and heat, making it very well suited to our Mediterranean climate here in Perth. Seeds germinate quickly in Spring when the soil is warm and the vine will grow...
  • Video: Welcome to Djilba!

    Video: Welcome to Djilba!

    August heralds the start of the Indigenous season of Djilba, a transitional time of year with some very cold, clear days combined with warmer rainy and windy days. This season signals the start of the wildflower explosion across the South West, which begins with cream and yellow flowering plants such as acacias. Vivid blues will start to emerge, such as the flowers of the...
  • Seven Simple Tips for Sustainable Gardening

    Seven Simple Tips for Sustainable Gardening

    Growing an edible garden is a great way to live a little lighter on this Earth by growing our own food instead of buying packaged products with the bonus of adding nutrient dense food to your diet. Gardening also gives us a great insight into our natural world and a genuine appreciation for the environment in which we live. We come to observe habitats,...
  • Plant Spotlight – Black Mulberry Tree

    Plant Spotlight – Black Mulberry Tree

    The Black Mulberry (Morus nigra) is a staple tree of many Aussie gardens and for good reason! It is a fast growing, and long living deciduous tree that can reach up to 12m in height. There are dwarf and weeping varieties, and also red and white fruited varieties available as well. A Mulberry tree is a great way to attract native birds into your...
  • Plant Spotlight - Wormwood

    Plant Spotlight - Wormwood

    Wormwood in the Garden Wormwood or Artemsia absinthum is a powerful medicinal herb. It was infamously associated with Vincent Van Gogh cutting off his ear, after drinking too much of the liquor Absinth, of which Wormwood is the key ingredient. In the garden however, it is a very attractive and useful addition, particularly as an insect repellent, and is ideal to plant around your entertaining areas in pots or hanging...
  • Makuru (June/July) Jobs in the Garden and What to Plant in Perth

    Makuru (June/July) Jobs in the Garden and What to Plant in Perth

    The winter months of June and July, known as Makuru when following the indigenous calendar, is a busy time in the garden in Perth. In nature, the animals will start to pair up ahead of the breeding season. Wild flowers that will start to emerge include the blues and purples of the blueberry lily (Dianella revoluta) and the purple flags (Patersonia occidentalis).  Although Makuru is...
  • Australian Made Week: Meet Two of Our Aussie Makers

    Australian Made Week: Meet Two of Our Aussie Makers

    Urban Revolution is proud to support the inaugural Australian Made Week initiative this week - 24-30 May 2021. Now more than ever, it is important that we all take the time to acknowledge, celebrate and support Australia's makers and growers. A main component of our business purpose here at Urban Revolution is to source and supply local Australian made products first and foremost. This Australian...
  • World Bee Day: Growing a Bee Friendly Garden

    World Bee Day: Growing a Bee Friendly Garden

    A bee friendly garden is a place that can provide food, shelter, and a nesting space for insect pollinators, such as honey bees and our many varieties of native bees, as well as increasing the biodiversity of your garden. It is also a beautiful place to sit and observe nature in action. Pollinators are critical to a successful edible garden and an optimal bee...
  • World Bee Day: Celebrating Bees for Biodiversity and Food Security

    World Bee Day: Celebrating Bees for Biodiversity and Food Security

    Each year World Bee Day is celebrated on the 20th May. On this day Anton Janša, the pioneer of beekeeping, was born in 1734. Bees are essential for food security and human survival  The main purpose of World Bee Day events is to spread awareness of the significance of bees and other pollinators for our survival. Beekeepers and nature conservationists are united in encouraging improved...
  • Meet the Makers - Part One

    Meet the Makers - Part One

    We love sourcing products from local Australian makers and we are very proud to stock a wide range of Australian made homewares, gardening and personal care products. We thought you'd like to meet some of our wonderful Australian suppliers so here's a little bit about four of them.
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