• Top Tips for Managing Fruit Fly

    Top Tips for Managing Fruit Fly

    Mid spring is the ideal time for fruit fly numbers to rise as the temperatures creep up and the occasional showers increase moisture. Warmer temperatures will signal pupae buried in the ground to come out of their ‚Äėinactive‚Äô winter status to emerge as adult fruit fly.¬† Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) There are also many fruit coming into season at this time, so keep...
  • How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms at Home

    How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms at Home

    Oyster mushrooms are some of the easiest varieties of mushrooms to grow.  Popular in many Asian style cuisines like donabe pots or other stews, oyster mushrooms hold their integrity well in soups. These delicious mushrooms also act as an excellent meat replacement because of their chewy texture and tasty size. Oyster mushrooms are soft with a bittersweet aroma reminiscent of anise. When cooked, they...
  • Video: Welcome to Djilba!

    Video: Welcome to Djilba!

    August heralds the start of the Indigenous season of Djilba, a transitional time of year with some very cold, clear days combined with warmer rainy and windy days. This season signals the start of the wildflower explosion across the South West, which begins with cream and yellow flowering plants such as acacias. Vivid blues will start to emerge, such as the flowers of the...
  • Plant Spotlight ‚Äď Black Mulberry Tree

    Plant Spotlight ‚Äď Black Mulberry Tree

    The Black Mulberry (Morus nigra) is a staple tree of many Aussie gardens and for good reason! It is a fast growing, and long living deciduous tree that can reach up to 12m in height. There are dwarf and weeping varieties, and also red and white fruited varieties available as well. A Mulberry tree is a great way to attract native birds into your...
  • Makuru (June/July) Jobs in the Garden and What to Plant in Perth

    Makuru (June/July) Jobs in the Garden and What to Plant in Perth

    The winter months of June and July, known as Makuru when following the indigenous calendar, is a busy time in the garden in Perth. In nature, the animals will start to pair up ahead of the breeding season. Wild flowers that will start to emerge include the blues and purples of the blueberry lily (Dianella revoluta) and the purple flags (Patersonia occidentalis).  Although Makuru is...
  • Plant Feature: Chilli and Capsicum

    Plant Feature: Chilli and Capsicum

    Capsicums and chillies are easy to grow and a healthy bush can produce bountiful harvests every year! Enjoy this guide and our top tips for growing abundant capsicums and chillies.     Types of capsicums Capsicum annuum: most common types including jalapenos, bell peppers, paprika, cayenne and chilli peppers Capsicum chinense: hotter species of chillies Capsicum frutescens: smaller fruits including tabasco and Thai peppers Image from...
  • Plant Feature: Florence Fennel

    Plant Feature: Florence Fennel

    Fennel is an easy, abundant plant to grow and Florence fennel is an extra special variety. Florence fennel is the bulb variety of fennel that can be eaten as a vegetable as compared to common varieties; wild, bronze or sweet that are grown for their leaves, pollen and seeds only. Not only can the Florence variety bulb, stems, leaves, pollen and seeds be eaten but this...
  • The Best Way To Grow Mushrooms At Home

    The Best Way To Grow Mushrooms At Home

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    Growing mushrooms is a whole different ball game to growing fruits and veggies. It may seem a little daunting at first but growing your own mushrooms is so easy and satisfying!    The Easiest Way To Grow Mushrooms At Home We love that these Mushroom Grow Kits are so easy to use (you can grow mushrooms right on your kitchen bench!) and that they recycle waste coffee grounds collected from Australian cafes.  With a little added moisture,...
  • Get Ready For Spring: Seeds To Sow in August

    Get Ready For Spring: Seeds To Sow in August

    Hit the ground running in Spring by sowing seeds now in August! Here in Perth, we experience a Mediterranean climate with cool, rainy Winters and hot, dry Summers. The Perth area is often grouped into a Warm Temperate climate, which is very similar but typically features higher Summer rainfall. The following August planting guide is for the Perth area. If you are from another...
  • 3 Handy Phone Apps To Use In The Garden

    3 Handy Phone Apps To Use In The Garden

    There are mountains of gardening information all over the internet but for most gardeners, we still have so many questions that can't be answered by a generalised gardening blog. The team from Urban Revolution have come together to share some gardening phones apps that we find useful in our own gardens and hope that they can help you out too! *We are not affiliated...
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